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OK, shout out to all Kiwi Wall Watchers, this one is for you!

Besides, can you eat food looking at you?

Besides, can you eat food looking at you?

We are in the first working week of the New Year, and already we have a God Sighting of the Month. Good times!

But this isn’t from the Roman Catholic Church, or even the states, it’s in New Zealand (for those who didn’t know if I was talking to a breathing fruit or not) and found on a piece of Pita bread.

And where? For sale online, no less.

The TradeMe auction shows a photo of the pita bread, which broke into pieces after being put in the oven. One piece, the seller says, resembled the face of Jesus. “I was tempted to eat it but for some reason I didn’t,” the seller says in their auction listing.

To that, enter your own transubstantiation humor here.

Of course, the branding/PR guy part of me wants to know if Jesus’ ministry was formed in the days of multimedia and bottom line outreach, would the bread Jesus broke look like this shred of table scraps for marketing purposes to hit the store shelves nationally? IJS.

So, the economy is in a recession and alternative modes of selling has gone rococo – pawn shops, garage sales and layaway has even made a strong comeback.

I can imagine people are looking under the bed and in-between couch cushions for extra change, so naturally, this bizarre story would be the next progression of things from the Independent in England.

A musician fed up with his life was today barred from selling his soul to the highest bidder. Dante Knoxx, 24, offered the “used” item for a starting bid of £25,000.50 or a buy it now price of £700,000 on the internet auction site eBay. But eBay pulled the listing today with about two hours to go and no bids because it breached one of the firm’s policies.

unemploymentEvidently, you can’t sell items that are not “physical” on America’s fun loving home office Web site.

Despite the obvious concerns about theology, evangelism and salvation, this dude seriously needs to get his tail into Church!

Here is a guy who has no care for what exists a spiritual battle thundering in the skies above all in an interest for a quick buck to make his rent and keep his Star Wars DVD collection in tact. Huh?

“Unfortunately where I live there are hardly any jobs to keep a creative person like myself employed in anything other than boring, mundane office jobs.” Mr Knoxx was planning to use the money to get his experimental music group, Paradigm, which he created with his friend Zakk Altair, up and running. He quit his “shoddy job” as a laptop repair technician and said: “I leave it to you, the denizens of Earth, to purchase my actual soul and in return allow me to acquire some tasty capital.”

So, this fool has a hankering to not make a decent living in an effort to get the band back together? Seriously? Man, give up the Fender strat and pick up the classifieds. Maybe your soul is worth a little more if you have a career plan. Just a thought.

public-prayer-boothNow, I have heard of investigative reporting where the “power of the people” discovers who is rogue in city hall, what attorneys are getting mani-pedis on the clock and why a local cheerleader is suddenly selling personal items on eBay.

That, I’m OK with. What NPR did recently, I am not, because bum rushing sites of ecumenicalism – and using a Wiccan priestess as its pawn – is not necessarily how I enjoy seeing my tax dollars at work.

So, the city of New York (of all places) was waxing the sublime and divine when it launched an “art project” [yes, in America, this is how you get away with promoting Jesus… call it “art”] called a “Public Prayer Booth”, seen pictured here.

Oh it’s pimped with a rigged phone booth and even a flip-down kneeler for those who want to rock the rosary, or just make a statement. And this happened, and it wasn’t planned…

To cover the story, NPR sent reporter Margot Adler, a Wiccan priestess and author of two books on paganism. Lo and behold, she happened upon the president of the New York City Atheists, Ken Bronstein, an outspoken opponent of public religious displays.

Serendipity at it’s finest.

The two got together, went to Starbucks and discussed their unquenchable angst for God, Baby Jesus and the Church. Great weekend conversation for two chums, eh? You think there was a angle NPR was stroking for, given their propensity for blatantly offensive anti-religiouser, JESUS tactics?

“There’s no bias in this story and to imply that there is because of a reporter’s religious beliefs is absurd,” said Anna Christopher, an NPR spokeswoman. “[Adler] spoke with several different people with several different viewpoints on the booth.”

Uh yeah. About that? Where are those interviews? Where’s that tape? Maybe it’s just b-roll for the focus of the piece: “Prayer in NYC: Is it really worth it?”

Thanks, NPR. Next time I am touched by watching Sesame Street and something from Yanni on your air waves, and I consider reaching into my wallet… and then change the channel before I give in to lunacy. I suggest we all do the same.

I suppose seeing the stereotypical Catholic with a last name that ends in “Z” is passe. There is now a new trend in delusional sacrosanct sightings “Insha’Allah.”

So, let’s take a trip across the pond and meet Rubina Sheikh from Helsingborg, Sweden. Yes, sports fans, the Guiness World Book of Records found the only frozen Muslim in existence for this cockamamie story.

“When I sliced the mango in two, ‘Allah’ was written in one half and ‘Muhammad’ in the other. It’s a miracle, a sign from Allah,” said Sheikh to the Metro newspaper.

That’s right. She didn’t see Muhammad in her produce, but saw a personally inscribed love note carved in the fruit fresh from her local Tom Thumb (or whatever they call it in Scandinavian… maybe God Jul or something)?!

Regardless the religion, are folk that desperate to actually hear from God that they are willing to listen to politicianser, produce. If this is the case, I recommend a serious walk back to the Bible (yeah, yeah, or Qu’ran).

Too bad I didn’t have a clear picture of Muhammad’s penmanship with this story. I’m sure I could have sold that on Craig’s List Chicago to someone.

Ah, well. The spirit of entrepreneurship lives on.

Without fail, another visioner, delusion of a sacred figure has been documented, trotted out in front of the media and snatched up for the world to see – and stare in hilarity.

Today’s God sighting of the month hails from Arlington, Texas. Meet Becky Ginn, presumed soccer mom and failing herbivore, as she encountered a reverential raisin in the trash.

A makeup artist, Ms. Ginn said she’s seen in the media other images of the Holy Family portrayed in food, but she certainly never expected to discover one herself — especially as a devout Baptist. “I can Photoshop a zit off someone’s face,” she said. “I can’t Photoshop the Virgin Mary onto a grape.”

Nice. Well, let’s just hope this bit of juicy irony doesn’t appear on eBay as some sort of venerated fruit ready to make the greatest bottle of wine since Ernest & Julio Gallo hooked up.