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Adam Lambert lost!

I know, but if that was a spoiler to you and you’re still jonesin’ for some American Idol, buy the XBOX game.

Idol WorshipIt was stunning when folksy/bluesy Kris Allen won the show because despite how Adam butchered the great Johnny Cash, he still has that voice.

Now, in the HiScrivener household, it was merely a vocal contest… because Adam? Yeah, come on. Those pictures of him with other hims wasn’t just a drunken stupor gone bad.

That said, there arose a loud, boisterous contingency before the grand finale that presumed this contest became “gay guy vs. Christian guy.”

And, according to the esteemed Mark Joseph of (and this interesting story from FOX News), the large Christian viewing audience of Idol thought the return of Clay Aikener, they needed to keep this a family show by making Kris the winner.

“Idol is the No. 1 show on TV at least in part because it’s so family-friendly, and it also appeals to a large demographic of Christian viewers….Many of Idol’s previous winners–Jordin Sparks, Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard–are devout Christians. Coincidence? Perhaps. But we don’t know much about Lambert’s faith, and that might hurt him with Christian voters. He could be extremely religious, but he’s kept his religious beliefs quiet.”

And then there was that Danny Gokey, praise leader fella.

Say what you will, but people – by and large – don’t EVER vote for the best… just the closest to them. As Joseph cited, 96 percent of African-Americans voted for Obama. You think all of my brothers and sisteres were studied up on foreign policy?! Probably not.

Much is the same about this talent show. Kris can sing. So can Adam. But… let’s vote for more than the way songs bellow out of his diaphragm because, after all, isn’t that why my lil’ Wall Watchers will buy the winner’s CD?!

Yeah, again, probably not.

So, for those who voted along the man-scara, guy-liner demarcation in this year’s American Idol, here a clip that was set loose after Kris Allen. Had I known this, I would have voted for him… twice. Praise God.

Several years ago, when this huckleberry boy with a big set of pipes took the stage at “American Idol,” you just knew something was awry with a young Clay Aiken.

Ruben Studdard beat him, but Clay’s star continued to rise. Through his songs and then on Broadway, the presumptive thoughts kept creeping up and then he goes on “Regis & Kelly,” and more than a cat came out of his closet.

And after yesterday’s edition of People magazine hit the shelves, now we know why. For those whose batteries in their Gay-dar haven’t been replaced, Clay’s Gay. Sorry 12-year old girls and 45 year-old frows.

I mean, seriously, what straight guy does that? To her? Oh well, I guess we know.

So, why is it on the Wall? Get this quote from a dude shady enough to have a child to cover up what he does in the dark only to step outside his closet and couldn’t find the spotlight, so…

“Of course (I feel at odds with my faith). I have to respect the people who disagree with me. I don’t struggle with it anymore, but there have been times that I have. And I still consider myself a born-again Christian, and I am absolutely comfortable with that and comfortable with my salvation.

Due respect to Ray Boltz, no one saw that coming and no one knows how long he has been dealing with it. Clay, on the other hand, come on! That hair, that voice, those denials. Puh-lease.

However, you can’t have it both ways, Body. Most Christians love Boltz, but even more laugh at Aiken. That’s the thing about God’s grace, it sees no personality, only a soul for which Jesus died. Good thing, because if God was a man that could be swayed by emotion, I would have lost my salvation YEARS AGO.

So, as much as I’ll grit my teeth and not slam Clay’s head against a brick wall with acerbity, BOTH Aiken and Boltz need to ask themselves something, “Is this really what Jesus wants for your life… and that of your family’s?”

I mean Clay, if your faith is so solid, then it doesn’t matter what twisted psychobabble and pablum you hear at a MCC church? Show us all how comfortable you are, go straight to a Bible and tell me for yourself. Oh, and wash your hands.