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Well, it ain’t their faith in God (as we have posted previously on the Wall). And although, both have a propensity for big pimpin’ clothes, where they fancy to shop isn’t it either.

No, according to this story from USA Today, the Pontiff and the Doggfather are label mates. As in Geffen Records.

The Pope has got almost a lullaby tone to the way he sings,” Geffen’s president Colin Barlow told Britain’s Telegraph newspaper, adding that the album will make a “great Christmas present.”

The Pope + A new CD = Ka-Ching!

The Pope + A new CD = Ka-Ching!

Who is he? The Holy See or Luther Vandross?!

What, someone genuflects to kiss his ring, begging for forgiveness of sins and B16 belts out “Give Me the Reason.” Nice.

And naturally, the record label is shilling for stocking stuffers. What else says ‘Merry Christmas’ in a more festive way than singing yuletide tunes in Santa Claus’ native tongue, German.

Ahh… I can smell the beer-encrusted, pretzel-flavored fruitcake already.

The name of the CD will be “Alma Mater,” which will be “featuring the pope’s chants and prayers along with eight original classical compositions.”

Now I know what I bookend my “Chant” CD collection with the dulcet tones of the Benedictine Monks.

Just be wary, your Holiness. Catholics serve wine and uh… well, just swap tunes with the new family and upload “Gin & Juice” on the iPod. Your labelmate is talking about something else entirely. Just sayin’.

So, mark you calendars, Saints. November 16, the CD hits iTunes and the The P-izzle will “dropping it like it’s hot.” West-Syde!

Over the weekend, our president and his missus traveled to the Vatican in continuation of the BarackStar’s World Tour 2009.

It should serve some good, since the Catholic Church has routinely been the most vociferous about Obama’s administration. They hated he was at Notre Dame giving a keynote address, and now, he is nuzzling up to Pope B16 for the first time.

So, there is Pope Benedict XVI and President Obama talking religion, reproduction and who each rooted for during the NBA Finals.

DV547973And there stood Michelle looking like she missed the bus to her kinfolks funeral!

No, not the fetching veil (or mantilla, as it’s known in more ecumenical circles). Believe it or not, that part customary for women.

This article from the Boston Globe brilliantly depicts life in pictures at the Vatican for women.

That said, I get the veil. I understand the tradition. But, um, what up with that bow, sister?!

Yeah, he’s rotund and that red scape shows a striking similarity, but he is not Santa Claus.

And, oh by the way, he is not dead… no matter how old the guy looks.

What’s with the monochromatic mourning look?

I think there is a sign above the Vatican entry that reads something like, “Unless you see black smoke, we are still in business. Willkommen.” (German, get it?)

According to HuffPo, the FLOTUS is a sucker for outfits that has already gotten rave reviews, so the blackout get-up is a recycled number she dawned in Prague meeting with the first Czech couple.

Memo to FLOTUS: Mix in a trip to Macy’s for the next pilgrimage to the Holy See.

Oh, and for the more fashionable sitting on the Wall, Missus O is wearing Moschino.

The economy is tough, so suffice to say, some misanthrope holiday shopper was praying a little from store to store knowing full well the credit limit had a stop watch on it.

Makes sense? So, how come it took the Pope to think of giving all those who sweat at the cash register a place to go, sob and thank the Lord they didn’t go to jail for yet another bounced check?!

Where Cardinals go to hang out

Where Cardinals go to hang out

What am I talking about? See the picture?

This is the Tremestieri mall in Messina, Sicily, home to Italy’s first Roman Catholic chapel in a shopping centre. The idea is to allow shoppers to take time out for prayer, says the priest who blessed it, Father Giuseppe Lonia.

Nice. But what’s next Pope B16? Going to a grocery store and getting your Eucharist on sale… perhaps with some cheese and Kool-aid?

Perhaps, going to some morose, artsy clothing store to get your latest cleric garb. Black… it’s the new, well, black.

Whatever the trends, this mall chapel covers a multitude of sin. And how is the ACLU going to combat that one? Well, get one in your local stateside mall, and we’ll see. But trust me on this, rosaries will never go on sale. Hollywood keeps the mark up there already. Ah, religion and fashion. Good times.

I could use this post to say so much, but I won’t.

The season is great (although the shoppers are not). The TV and movies are splendid. The food is divine. But leave it to a thumb-sucking, blanket-carrying minuature wunderkind to describe the true meaning of Christmas.

And, oh by the way, this testimony of Christ is on national TV proving there are still some things you can’t edit. Thank God for Charlie Brown (and the genius of Vince Guaraldi, the man tickling those ivories in all Peanuts shows).

HiScrivener is taking a break with My Fair Lady and my lil’ Wall Watchers. I pray God’s rich blessings on all of you who have bookmarked and visited the Wall for your online Christian punditry. Be back after the holiday hangover. Be filled, be focused and be favored with God’s love in the New Year.

Now, take it away Linus!

In case you haven’t noticed, I enjoy pictures. Not that I am a closet photographer or anything, but I do believe visuals communicate a lot, despite whatever fetching and fitful phrases I can string together.

Among those pictures that provide HiScrivener with many giggles are celebrity mug shots. For some reason, famous people when confronted by the boys (or girls) in blue think it’s just another photo-op instead of mean muggin’ to garner street cred in the clink.

santa-mugNoteworthy head shots like Nick Nolte, James Brown, Jacko… and even this popular dude are good for a full day of joy in my deranged world.

So, when I found a veritable cornucopia on “The Smoking Gun” of the Jolly Old Fat Man caught on candid camera.

O’ good times indeed. As a mere tyke, I always believed the shopping mall Santas carried that familiar holiday, malodorous scent of cheap liquor, mouthwash and Brylcream.

Now, I have proof. Visit the aformentioned link as my present to you.

Merry Christmas everyone. And to all a great night!