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A not so long time ago in a desolate land far away depending on where you live, the national news was all about a motley crew of renegade fundamental MormonsF-undamental-LDS for those scoring at home – who thought the way to a better religion was living on a remote Texas compound, make all their own clothes and impregnate pre-pubescent children.


polygamy-porterSuffice to say, the good God-fearing folk in west Texas didn’t take kindly to that kind of behavior, religious or otherwise. They raid the compound thanks to a bogus phone call and place more than 400 children in state custody.

In the process, the Lone Star State ran up a ghastly total of $9 million just in the first few weeks. And, that is a lot of Mormon beer-chasing, bang-bang gun play (as possibly noted here).

Whew! There’s some inflation. And now, thanks to the Houston Chronicle, the child welfare authorities want their cut.

The raid of a polygamist sect’s Texas ranch cost child welfare authorities $12.4 million in overtime, transportation and shelter costs, according to newly released figures… The $12.4 million does not include the costs associated with the remaining cases, said Patrick Crimmins, a spokesman for Child Protective Services. It doesn’t include court costs either.

So, in the spirit of Christmas, I move the state of Texas would like a refund. After all, these guys were just being Mighty Mouse and coming to save the daaaaaaaay. They weren’t planning on all this ballyhoo and swapping of credit cards and blank checks.

Maybe they can make back their cash by finally empting out the ranch of all those pesky kids and hot mamas and play “Home on the Range”. You know, get some cows, horses, chickens… oh, and Alpacas. I hear those are in fashion now. Can’t be any more a-go-go than those flashy threads those mamas are sporting.

Sometimes, you see the bad guy get what he richly deserves – three hots and a cot. Then, you see the justice system in action forcing you to scratch your head so much it leaves a bald spot.

Remember Mary Winkler?

This was a Church of Christ’s pastor’s wife who was evidently abused on a regular basis. So, she does what most would applaud her for doing – she killed him, on accident, but he’s dead nonetheless. Although death may be too uh, final, for a wife-beater, it does provide a taste of what that nut did to her for years – allegedly.

Mary, Mary was buggin’ (a little RUN DMC humor there) in a state mental institution for seven months and her daughters – ages 11, 9 and 3 – were watched by her (wait for it) paternal grandparents, who begged the court for full custody claiming their former granddaughter-in-law was an unfit parent.

Ya’ think?!

Anywhoo, yesterday the unthinkable happened causing yet another bald spot on scalps everywhere. Mary Winkler was given FULL CUSTODY of her children. Nice.

Judge Ron Harmon of Carroll County Chancery Court returned full custody following a brief hearing, saying he was pleased that Winkler and her former in-laws have agreed to work together for the good of the children… “We love each other, and we’re getting along,” she said. “We’ve reconciled.”

Well, that’s sweet. Now that we have rectified the holidays for the Winkler family, who in the hell is going to explain why Daddy isn’t home to that three-year old?! And what must those other girls think of their mother. It’s terrible why it happened, but it’s even worse considering the collateral damage.

And you think the stereotype for preacher’s kids are bad now. Just wait a few years and give me a call about those girls. Mercy.

Meet Anti-Church Mom of the Year: Christy Roper from New Britain, Conn.

You see, she has an interesting nightlife. While churchgoers are tucked away in their beds praying to the sweet baby Jesus, Roper is off breaking into their churches stealing from poor and making them poorer.


I guess with child-care costs as they are, she has a clear conscience. Good thing, because when she is in prison and he is robbing banks, she’ll have these special “mother-son” filed trips to think about and keep her warm at night. Well, that is, if the flames of hell don’t take care of that job already.

Good thing some churches believe in candid camera. Say cheese, Heifer! (The video is on the link).

Let’s see here (cue harp music):

  • Nut job mormon decides there’s enough of him to go around (wassup ladies)
  • Teaches other dirty old men the same thing, trolling for older chics not that successful so skews a younger demo
  • Not too keen on the Utah vibe so they build a big temple in the Texas plains
  • The feds catch an ill wind blowing, get involved and abducter, rescue all those kids victimized by said dirty old men
  • And blah, blah, blah

Yeah, we have been here before. Looks like we are going back to Petticoat Junction because it seems the state of Texas haven’t given up and want eight of those kids back in custody.

Texas child welfare authorities are asking Texas District Judge Barbara Walther to put eight children, ranging in age from 5 to 17, back in state custody, alleging their mothers have refused to limit contact with men accused of being involved in underage marriages.

Sometimes you just need to let folk be because griping about it just antagonizes them. But here’s an age-old question: If the kids are ages 5 – 17, and the mothers are ALLOWING the MEN (not fathers) to have their way, AND THE STATE OF TEXAS HAS PROOF, what’s stopping Walker Texas Ranger from going in there and opening up a fresh can of whoop @$$ on those pedophiles!?

Stories all over the country about “get the kids” and “let my people go” but not one about “Perverts arrested and hung out to dry from FLDS compound.” Am I missing something?

Oh yeah, my sanity keeping track of this kooky collection of polygamist deviants (and yes, I’m talking about the mothers as well). Calgon, take THEM away… because the state of Texas apparently can’t!

Let’s recap the largest state custody case in U.S. history:

  • This is a public abductionA perverted cult leader, and noted ‘husband’ of several underage girls, is sentenced 10 years to life in federal prison.
  • Texas Rangers get an alleged prank phone call from some chic claiming to be a skeered girl in the compound.
  • But that call was the proverbial straw as backs broke all across the Lone Star State. The YFZ compound was raided and 416 children were taken from their… rescued from the cult.
  • Numbers came out to show the twisted religion and perversion goings on inside the YFZ Ranch.

And now, we have THIS STORY.

Child advocates’ fears were realized when the near 500 kids were removed from the compound (good) and separated from their victimized mothers (bad) without proper evidence! While I am happy the children could be reunited with their mothers soon, has anyone bothered to notice nothing has been said about the freak men in that place?

That’s what’s missing from the Wall. Their lives should be ending soon for what they did to those little girls… in the name of God.