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You ever stop to think about that stupid curse phrase? It’s never apropos to use Allah’s name in vain, to break out with Krishnu’s name when you step on your kid’s toy in the middle of the night or to say the aforementioned about Buddha. Why? There is something innate about human nature that fights its creator. (Yeah, I said it. Sue me.)

Take this story in Houston for example.

Fill in the blankWhat’s the fuss anyway? If a school is a place of teaching, then why not teach both points of view? Darwinism is perfectly acceptable because it doesn’t mention God…er…Jesus. There are 500 other points of evolutionary view, but who cares? Scratch Jesus, and we’ll teach the other 499.

This is why the Body of Christ needs to unite and create awareness. Many local churches are either considered to be the gnats hanging out with you at family BBQs but were never invited, or the shameful, dimwitted Neanderthals that picket a soldier’s funeral in the name of the Lord. Either way, you are not taken seriously and shunned like the plague.

We need to understand we aren’t just fighting with the ‘enemy’. That’s too easy to say in the face of stress and angst. We fight with mankind everyday because it’s our nature to question deity, specifically Jesus Christ. And if you are halfway concerned with witnessing, strategic public relations for a church (like this place) or teaching creationism in a class of 8th graders, then remember the words of a loured cartoon.

Knowing is half the battle. Yo Joe, indeed.