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DATELINE: Nashville, Tenn. where we meet David Sanborn (and no relation to the jazz dude).

No, this Sanborn is an actor known for his peculiar likeness to a certain Messiah who has a panache for the miraculous. So, it’s only fitting that he attempts to create a miracle of his own – but with his hair?!

The profile alone makes me wanna shout "Amen!"

The profile alone makes me wanna shout "Amen!"

For the past two years, Sanborn has made a career in Tennessee portraying Jesus Christ and is now leaving for the big time (i.e. Broadway) to take on the role of King David. But before he does, he has one last sacrificial gift:

But before he leaves, the performer decided to cut off most of his hair to give to Locks of Love – the organization uses donated hair to create wigs for cancer patients who have lost their hair.I was actually doing a benefit about a year ago where I was singing for cancer victims and a few people there had their hair cut at the concert on the premises for Locks of Love and it just blew me away,” Sanborn said.

This is a HiScrivener personal issue given my mother is a 15-year survivor of breast cancer. Actually, she saw that thing head-on and kicked its tail. If I had a flowing mane to shave, I would do it as well, but since I don’t I can only applaud those backseat Saviors who do.

Enjoy being King David in the American empire, Sanborn. FYI, if some ditzy chic with a smoking body named Bathsheba starts calling you a lot and visiting your dressing room, remember Nancy Reagan and “Just say no!”

Well, it was a fun ride.

You know, exposing the fraudulent Michael Guglielmucci and his ironic praise, “Healer.” But alas, it looks like this Brickhouse Series is coming to a halt, until of course, he shows up in Australia again.

Oh yeah, you didn’t know. Evidently, there aren’t enough psychotherapists down under who understand addictive and overwhelming pornography. So, holmes has decided to fly the coop and find solace on the couch of an M.D. in the States, according to The Age.

Guglielmucci is now receiving psychiatric care overseas. His bank accounts are being audited by his church and leaders have promised any money raised deceptively will be returned or donated to charity. Police say at this stage they are not planning to lay charges.

As long as he being bled dry of any profit from that amazing hymn to the Lord, I suppose his poverty is enough recompense for what he did to… uh, you know… the world.

Ah well, here’s to hoping he gets better. If God can use him once, he can heal him again?

For the past several weeks, the Wall has been plastered with spray paint about Michael Guglielmucci and one of the most fraudulent acts to hit the Church since the Farting Preacher was busted.

Everyone has heard about the man who cried “Cancer” in a crowded church amphitheater leaving everyone running for the exits. Well, everyone except HILLSONG CHURCH FOUNDER, Brian Houston.

Apparently, he’s been vacationinger, preaching stateside and happened to not have access to his e-mail, cell phone, friends, family, church employees or maybe smoke signals.

Now that Pastor Brian Houston has returned down under, his inbox has mysteriously filled up with nastygrams about some cat named Michael Guglielmucci, and he has seen fit to answer on his blog all bewitched, bothered and bewildered. Take it away Ellaer, Brian:

I have been away overseas while a drama has unfolded in Australia about Michael Guglielmucci… writer of the song ‘Healer’, which has blessed and encouraged so many people… This is easily the biggest and most elaborate hoax I have ever personally witnessed. I still am perplexed by it. So now we all know that so much of this was not real… but was I personally sucked in? Yep,100%!!! It was a two year academy award worthy performance as far as I am concerned.

I have always been an ardent fan of Hillsong, but never had the opportunity to hear Brian Houston preach. After you read the transparency, the charity and the reality of his blog post in the aforementioned link, I think you will become a small fan of his. I have. He sounds, well… pissed. And why shouldn’t he?

His church was the stage for this rouse. His choir were the background accompaniment on that amazing song. All the while, his country was held victim by the tenderness of worship and the temerity of the lie behind it.

However, “Mr. Hillsong” remembers the same grace and love that clothed him while he was overseas is the very arms of mercy that holds Michael Guglielmucci as he lay in fetal position on his therapist’s couch humming a familiar tune all the while.

The blog was practice. Let’s see what happens when he gives in to AdelaideNow asks for the cover story interview. That’s a test worth studying. Stay tuned, Wall Watchers.

It is not about WHO is singing, but rather TO WHOM is singing.

It is not about WHO is singing, but rather TO WHOM is singing.

As you know, the Wall has been illuminated with the diabolical acts of Michael Guglielmucci. While his actions of sex, lies and videotape have been despised, his music carries on, forcing some to ruminate is the sound of music the melodies, others united in worship or just a cash register exclaiming “Ka-ching!”

“Healer” is still an anthem in Christian circles providing hope for those who are sick, and inspiration for those who are dying. You know, kinda like Guglielmucci convinced the world he was.

Planetshakers Insider has a thought-provoking post that I don’t think many people have considered: “Who gets the credit for the music that this fraud wrote?”

Planetshakers has removed references to Michael Guglielmucci, crediting his role on these albums, from their web-site [sic].

Why? It was his work, despite his motive, those words were from him. The music was performed by him. And the accolades for the blessings it created were directed toward him. So, shouldn’t he get some of the credit?

If you don’t think so, why not?

Look at the encomiums bestowed upon athletes that cheat; they still have the records. Consider the notoriety serial killers are provided through the media; those miscreatints still get fan mail.

Case in point: If you gave the glory, you should still get the honor. Taking Guglielmucci’s name off musical credit is sour grapes and a sorry attempt of PR.

I’m not sure what, ethically, is the best outcome; however the current outcome seems a bit luke-warm… To keep selling most albums featuring Mike Guglielmucci’s work, but hide the fact that he worked on them. To me this seems like a “middle of the road” compromise on a touchy ethical subject.

It’s worse than a “middle of the road” compromise, it’s theft. Either you throw the song away – and with it, all memories of Guglielmucci – or, you espouse the belief that if God can use the jawbone of an ass, he can use the vocal chords of one as well.

The one – and only – interview fraudulent worship leader and cancer survivor, Michael Guglielmucci, has finally made it on YouTube. It’s nine minutes, and is harrowing every second of the way.

Check it out and read along after as HiScrivener opines.

The details about his act and the results of his stunt leave most breathless. Fortunately, I will be an exception to that rule.

Guglielmucci closes with, “From now on I’m telling the truth.” A federal subpeona has that effect, brother. After the money you conned people out of, expect a different kind of “deliverance” to show up at your doorstep any day now. A startling confession during the interview was this:

This is who I am – I’m addicted to the stuff [the porn he covered up through the cancer], it consumes my mind,” he said. “I’m sick and this is why I had to come up with some sort of explanation of what was happening in my body. I don’t know how you can fake vomiting all over yourself night after night after night, I’m not that good an actor,” he said.

Dude, about the vomit… it wasn’t fake. Those chunks were real but the reason was false. No, there wasn’t any medicinal toxins floating in that bloated body of yours. That was guilt. Period. You knew you were stealing more than money, Guglielmucci. You stole the faith of millions, trampled on it and went back to your fake limp and rubber hose. You may as well bludgeoned people with your cane the way you made them feel for the past two years. Take this guy:

Alex Saint, 24, a former Edge Church International member, donated a small amount on the website, inspired by Guglielmucci’s music, his strength in his disease and the recent loss of his own mother to breast cancer. “I believed every word he said. I believed he was going through hell,” Saint told the Adelaide Advertiser. “My heart goes out to all the people who have been hurt … to make all this up is extremely crushing for anyone who has gone through cancer. There’s no better script than to be dying of cancer and giving glory to God in a Christian context … it’s the highest form of fraud.”

I loathe what you did, Mikey. However, you are not beyond the touch of the “Healer”. You need more than a psych evaluation. You need a ministerial intervention. You were a tool of the enemy, and he worked you over like a screwdriver – twisting, driving, pushing, throttling you lower and lower past the web of deceit you spun, and into the muck and mire in which you are currently drowning.

Your wife is staying by your side. You should know that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you. But as for everyone else? Suffice to say, the next time you write a song, we will all want to verify your inspiration through a court of law first. I’m just saying.