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If you have nothing to do today while waiting for the clock to hit 3 – or whenever (and ifever) you get to bolt early today for the Thanksgiving holidays – then I have someting for your viewing pleasure.

Three letters: TBN. Otherwise known as a lot of things, but I have always been fond of “The Good Ol’ Boys Network.”

OK, full objective disclosure: What this network has done for countless of millions around the world is nothing short of remarkable. Many people can’t go to a church. Others won’t. But they all have a remote, and many of those have been saved, healed and delivered because of some various and sundry show captured on the air. Despite the news and appearance, Jesus is being blessed through these airwaves.

That said (yeah, yeah, you knew a detour was coming), it’s incontrovertible proof that God can be used and honored despite the inconceivable actions of his children. There are some jackleg fools on this network, and most of them could give a vile of holy water less about you. The real vociferous ones are usually caught shelling for “Praise-A-Thon,” the network’s cavalcade of pimpser, stars who sop up so much twisted theology that they need a Shamwow to take care of the damage!

Case in point, the title message of this post thanks to some masonry from “Slaughtering the Sheep“:

Rod Parsley. Where was “Jerry Maguire” when you started this message of numerology, eschatology and etymology. Lawd have mercy! Next, thanks to some masonry from another “Another Brick in the Wall” I’m Speaking Truth:

Benny Hinn. Diggin’ the Nehru brother, and that embroidery, suh-wheat! If I want to hear a message on blessings, I may have to consult another, but hey, if I want to hear the sacrosanct version of “Old McDonald had a Blinged Out Farm,” I know who to ask. Ee-I-Ee-I-HO!

Jamal Harrison-Bryant. “Broke with expensive tastes”?! I don’t call that positioned for biblical greatness. I call that megalomaniacal and not that responsible in this economy. But hey, thanks to you Big Pimpin’, folk going to go to bed with some Advil PM and wake up quitting their job. Nice, as long they keep your Web site address, right?

And lastly, thanks to another fave and brick, “Independent Conservative“:

Clarence E. McClendon. A man who divorced his wife via facsimile, staved racism and left his church so he could get his groove back with his assistant in the Bahamas or some such. (True story). And now, The Good Ol’ Boys see it fit that you should be the clarion pimp extraordinaire in this piece. Don’t believe me? See his perm? ‘Nuff said.

Wall Watchers, a question: At what cost to the Body of Christ are these fools permitted allowances to propagate their vitriol and aspersions because they have the cash and the cameras? It’s shameful. Heck, I know many pastors – MANY – without a camera who could run circles ’round some of these guys, and have the sterling reputation to boot.

My prayer is that despite them, the lost can still be found and turned away like a bunch of stray cats. At what cost? Maybe we should ask Paul Crouch after the “Preys-a-Thon” (as another brick in the Wall, MaxDaddy calls it) to determine what cost it takes.

Last November, there was a government sting operation of sorts with Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) sending some hate mail to six TV ministries. Maybe you heard about it?

Fast forward these many months, and Grassley has results, answers, thoughts and much ado about nothing, as seen here from the Dallas Morning News.

In short, he handpicked six known ministries to be dragged through a finance/IRS loophole to have their money placed under a microscope. Now, before the deluge of mail begins, my two cents: And?!

That’s it. No big litany of words sewn together in a tapestry of angst. You have six largely successful, powerful and blessed ministries – Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Benny Hinn, Paula (oh yeah, and Randy) White and Bishop Eddie Long – all being called upon for never disclosing their public finances, yet living lavishly. People talk, perception spreads and supporters get concerned.

MEMO to all evangelists coolin’ out in Easy Street: We get it.

God wants us all to be blessed. And although several of you (not just the listed) are doing it right by having a successful ministry and parlaying that into stimulating for-profit ventures like book deals, movie rights and public speaking appearances; others of you need to get straight (maybe, some of the listed).

I agree, personal finances should have no part in this scope, BARRING those funds aren’t accumulated largely by the offerings of others who desire to pay for your ministry, not your ghastly mortgage.

However, we’ve all seen the investigative reports on TV. Some of you better recognize… the longer you wait to become affiliated with the ECFA or some such, the larger that “loophole” is going to get. Maybe next time it will be set on fire and featured at the circus.

Most churches open the altar for those that need prayer. And other churches have revival meetings where the altar is open for healing.

Regardless of your personal ethos about the “laying on of hands” and “faith healings,” it is a viable practice and brought up in scripture many times (even though one can be healed by the Word of God alone – note Matthew 8:8).

That said, if you are an evangelist, a pastor or preacher, for the love of God (and to not counteract the prayer of healing that you are petitioning God), get catchers who can lift more than a remote control while sitting on the couch!

You read this story from The Smoking Gun about a lawsuit that may have Benny Hinn scouring for couches or inflatable beds at the altar?

A 58-year old man goes to a revival meeting, looking for healing and walks out with what is now a $2.5 million lawsuit. Why? No one ‘caught’ him after being prayer over. PROTOCOL, anyone?!

The idea of the Spirit overwhelming someone is that they may not be able to stand. So instead of taking care of God’s people, these catchers would rather sit down and watch God working on the big screen in the church. Nice.

[58 year-old, Matthew] Lincoln alleges that Lakewind and its pastors were “negligent in not supervising the catchers to be sure that they stood behind the person being prayed for…should they have a dizzying, fainting, or falling in the spirit as had occurred on many occasions before.”

Now, personally? I believe in prayer, faith healing and laying hands (not necessarily the theatrics of others you may be thinking). However, if this happened to me, I would lose my religion with the quickness, get up and begin looking for the cat that lost his grip with me. Well, if the catchers and that pastor didn’t feel the dizziness during the prayer service, they will when they get this bill. Ouch!