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We are the world - Christians v. IslamWorld Harvest Church pastor and noted evangelist, Rod Parsley, has stepped into it now. During his cries for the lost and rally cries for the flock, he decided to dub Islam – not the Nation, not the radical suicidal bombers in Iraq, but the entire religion – an “Antichrist religion” that “should be destroyed.”

All members of the ‘five-fold‘ ministry, pay attention. You have passion, vigor and drive to bring the Gospel to a lost and found world, but before you expound on your rhetoric and find fetching forms of alliteration to help memorization, take a page from the “Evangelism for Dummies” playbook. DON’T DO THIS!

  1. These are not the days of the Holy Crusades. Although it looks like it on TV.
  2. Just because you see sardonic capers on TV doesn’t give you carte blanche to indict an entire group of people.
  3. If you are a true Bible-believing Christian, you avow the fact that Islam is a misguided and false religion whose followers need to worship a risen Christ. Much of that part is true. However, do you really think a lot of soul-winning will be done with acts of lunacy and genocide? Isn’t that what a holy war (as Parsley said) is? To destroy in the name of religion?
  4. Isn’t that also what a JIHAD is, Pastor Parsley? Hasn’t that terminology gotten our men and women in the Middle East in enough trouble?
  5. If you are noted as a ‘spiritual guide and counsel‘ for a Presidential candidate… shut up! Haven’t we learned enough from the damage left in Jeremiah Wright’s wake for Barack Obama?