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A bird... a plane... nah, just Obama

A bird... a plane... nah, just Obama

Recently, the BarackStar has been on the biggest world wind tour since a certain mythical figure wearing lovely tights and a cod piece. (Anyone see that movie? Woof!)

MEMO to the President: Stay put and mix in a trip through the heartland.

I get the need to improve on U.S. relations with Muslims overseas and love on them while slapping Al Qaeda in the mug.

I understand the U.S. PR bent to close Gitmo and show we are the world.

And I see your struggles to do something about this country’s abysmal predicament with crazed North Korean totalitarians with nuclear fetishes.

But you are the American President! I could care less about you stamping your passport to all places that hate bacon.

That said, maybe there is pressure to be the global figure of peace… you know, kinda like another guy we know, and uh, worship.

It’s no secret people have placed you on polarizing tangents of theology. First, you are the Antichrist. Then, you are the Second Coming.

And let’s not forget about the time you outranked Jesus in a popularity contest. Keep it classy, America.

Now, it seems you have managed to make it somewhere in the middle, thanks to Newsweek Editor Evan Thomas who decided to confuse everyone in the Church when he called the BarackStar, “sort of God.”

Yeah, because that makes sense.

Dude, either he has stigmata or not. The guy can either feed an entire country with a two-piece from Long John Silvers or not.

So what’s with this “sort of God” mess?! Oh, wait… you’re being interviewed on MSNBC. Well, that makes sense.

Every once in a while, we are privileged (and extremely miffed) to hear a story that makes us thing, “I told ya’ so.”

This story from WOW News’ WND is just that story about the BarackStar and his growing deity.

I know, he’s not really. However, we first were introduced to him during the presidential campaign as the “Messiah“. Next, noted eschatologists took it upon themselves to uh, prove that he wasn’t the Antichrist.

News has been serene about “God-Obama” sightings since he was elected into office.

He didn’t turn water into wine at one of many inaugural balls. No one has fainted during one of his stimulus talk appearances, and he didn’t have to raise them from their innoculated state. And although he is persecuted daily, there’s no rumor of his plight back to the community taking a detour on the Via Dolorosa.

Possible foreshadowing to his presidential library

Possible foreshadowing to his presidential library

But all that tweeting birds, sunshine on my face stops with this oddball sighting at a local library not near you:

A bookstore in Texas has sparked some comments – and criticisms – for having displayed a number of books about Barack and Michelle Obama under a “Religion” sign in the children’s section of its facility.

Me thinks I know the political affiliation of the store manager. Hrm.

Now, I don’t want to drop names of the book store, but let’s just say this story “BORDERS” on the inane. (Too much?)

So, a spokesperson from this anonymous bookstore got some nasty voice mails and issued this statement:

“We are a completely politically neutral organization,” [Ann Roman] said. “As you can imagine we carry every political perspective, authors from both parties. What happened here is those books were for kids and they were put under an overarching sign. Our team did not mean to imply an inappropriate classification.”

Someone may not have meant to imply anything, but here’s a thought. Anyone at Borderer, this bookstore have a house? Would you let an interior decorator even put a friggin’ lamp in the wrong place? Uh, no.

So while your organization didn’t mean to imply this strange obsession with presidential stigmata, someone in this store did mean to make a statement. Where would I file that? Religion or ridiculous?

So, the next time you are in your neighborhood grocery store, gas station or pilfering through gangling lines in the mall searching high and low for whatever Dora the Explorer & Spongebob is branded on, consider this lovely Yuletide news from Rasmussen Reports:

…A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 68% of American adults prefer stores to show signs saying “Merry Christmas” rather than “Happy Holidays. Only one-quarter of adults (25%) favor signs that say “Happy Holidays.”

aclu-xmas-alert-systemAnd stick that in your corncob pipe, ACLU and atheists everywhere. Ho-ho-ho. Other interesting stats of the anti-bah-humbug HOLY-days are:

  • Men (71%) favor “Merry Christmas” slightly more than women (65%). [Why? Because women say it to who matters, guys are channeling George Bailey and reenacting “It’s a Wonderful Life” with their dorky selves.]
  • From a politically partisan perspective, Republicans (84%) overwhelmingly prefer “Merry Christmas” more than Democrats (51%). Far more Democrats (43%) wish for “Happy Holidays” signs than Republicans (13%). [And this surprises who exactly? If the DNC were any more liberal as a whole when it comes to the legal prejudice that is Christianity, Catholic Churches would remove the crucifix because that shows human torture and reminds war protesters of Guantanamo Bay.]
  • Regardless of what the signs say, 53% will be attending a Christian church service on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day this year. One-third (32%) do not plan to go to a service.[Because everybody wants to pray for help that their credit card goes through and those checks don’t bounce. Everyone repeat after me, “I’ll pay when my taxes come in.” So ghetto we are.]
  • While five percent (5%) of adults have already finished their Christmas shopping, 72% believe the Christmas season starts too early. Only 21% disagree. [That’s easy to figure. Even the ACLU and folk like that hate it when that one adult contemporary radio station languishing for ratings goes ‘All Xmas, All Day’ right before Halloween. Who wouldn’t go bananas with the Chipmunks for that long?!]

Well, as for me and my house, while we are serving the Lord, I’ll be home for CHRISTmas, rolling up my Greensleeves whether that fat dude comes to town or not. Good times.

You have heard the arguments. You have seen the blather. But now… NOW… there’s proof about the man they call Obama!

Messiah, or not. Antichrist, or not. Whatever side of the Mason-Satan-Dixon line he calls home, Barack Obama is doing something that hasn’t been done since Father Abraham became a Baby Daddy and sent that Bebe Kid Ishmael packing – he has Muslims and Jews agreeing about something.

Shoot, I don’t care what it is. It could be what they want on their pizza, as long they aren’t blowing things up on opposite sides of the Gaza Strip, this is newsworthy. First, the Nation of Islam (despite Obama saying he wants nothing to do with that religioner, vote) and now this?!

It’s not real surprise. Jewish voters typically side with Democrats: in 2000, more than 80 percent had a Gore/Lieberman bumper sticker; in 2004, a paltry 75 percent rocked the Kerry/Philanderer… er, Edwards ticket. And thanks to the story from the Gallup Poll, the “World’s Most Interesting Candidate” [I love those commercials] has seen his numbers rise in only four months!

MEMO to McCainiacs: This is what’s called a “meteoric rise.” In other words, you may begin sweating now. All Johnny Boy needs now is for the Pope and Billy Graham to utter support for Barack, and his world is officially rocked and Obama could be the last clown standing. So, I’ll ask the question the McCain campaign is asking, “What the eff?”

Support for Obama among all registered voters was fairly stable from June through September, but then rose sharply in October – in apparent reaction to the U.S. economic crisis. By contrast, support for Obama among Jewish voters has expanded more gradually, from the low 60% range in June and July to 66% in August, 69% in September, and 74% today.

In other words, there’s the rub.

This election is NOT about the war, NOT about Christian values, NOT about healthcare and the other feng shui topics, but about what’s in front of people’s faces now. When this thing began, everything was on the table because – you know – everything was working so well in the White House at that time. But now, the economy is in the toilet, unemployment is so popular it’s in fashion and so many bailouts, socialism isn’t a feared by-product, it’s a stark reality.

Ah well, may the presidential election continue to be what it’s always been – a vote for the lesser of two evils and pray out loud and in public that God keeps his covenant with his people and our nation. Lord, hear our prayer.

For months, evangelicals have been up-in-arms surrounding the brainwashed Obamaniacs that have called this cat from Chicago, the “Messiah”. Then again, others have called him, the “Antichrist.”

Whatever happened to people just calling him “Senator”?!

I suppose one title of distinction isn’t enough for an effective self-esteem these days. A brother needs a little something to go with his afterglow. The closer we get to the dreaded day in November and those pseudo-debates issuing nothing but hot air and empty promises, I thought for certain the blod claims were over.

Not so much. Did you see what the bloviating bigot, Louis Farrakhan, had to say about the Democratic candidate? Peep the video for what he clamored in front of mass audience of 100s of impressionable youth. A hearty bricklaying shout out to brick in the Wall, LaVrai, for snuffing this out.

Now, full disclosure, Farrakhan checks himself before he wrecks himself and issues, “Obama is not the Messiah for sure.” I know one thing, this “for sure” has nothing to do with the election, his ability to be president or his propensity to sway this country into a position of prosperity.

Listen, Wall Watchers, this is not a man who flings poo against the bricks flippantly. If he says it, he believes it. There is no room for the media to “distort his message” or “misquote what he meant.”

He knows full well what he said… if only the millions of delusional devotees knew what he meant. Because from that quote, it doesn’t even sound like he did. If only…

Is it too late to ask for Ross Perot to run for office? 🙂