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DATELINE: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Then let Muslims discuss "In the Beginning"... well, maybe not.

Then let Muslims discuss "In the Beginning"... well, maybe not.

[Oh yeah, you know this story has to be interesting.] Apparently, the Malaysian government has been part of Oprah’s book club and all reading the same book because they have unanimously voted to re-impose a ban on Christian publications… from using the word “Allah.”

[See, I told you so.]

Apart from barring the use of Allah, the ban on Christian publications also includes prohibitions on using words like Kaabah, Solat and Baitullah.

So, while Christian reporters can’t talk or write about Muslims going to church, praying or enjoying their Hajj (the pilgrimage) in Malaysia, it’s the people’s feelers the Malaysian government that brought on this drama:

It is just that the government wants to avoid any confusion, [Malaysian Home Minister Syed Hamid] Albar added.

Nice. You know, with government officials like this, who needs enemies?

So, I’m just a bill… a lonely ol’ bill… had to be set on Malaysia’s Capitol Hill because you think Muslims, whom I’ll bet a dozen bean pies ain’t reading those cracked Christian publications, are complete morons and get Jesus and Muhammed confused?!

Seriously, I don’t see Imams teaching hooked on phonics. There isn’t a pressing need to sound out All-ahhhhh before you kneel on a musallah. Wait, that just confused me too. I wonder if this an affect on Muslim agnostics?!

Maybe you heard the story?

In the Washington state capital, we have a heartwarming, puke-laden, P.C. Christmas fresh with boughs of holly, a nativity scene and least to the fold, a sign from the “Freedom from Religion Foundation” that reads – at the feet of baby GPS Jesus no less:

There is only our natural world. Religion is but myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds.

I don’t know about you, but I am all warm and toasty with Yuletide cheer. Let’s go kick over some Salvation Army red kettles, beat up some homeless and flame up some local Angel Trees just to keep the presents. How ’bout it?

Are you kidding me? Well, it turns out I’m not only one with a weed about this story. Meet “Papa Bear” (homage to Colbert) Bill O’Reilly. You may have heard of him? Enjoy!

And to be fair… because you never know when Santa is watching to throw you on a lump of coal. Is Ho-Ho-Ho even necessary any more?! Ah well, there’s always New Years. They can’t ska-roo that up. Can they?

Not quite sure what to get for that lovely stocking stuffer. All the salve and lotions bought up at Bed, Bath & Beyond? Then I have just the answer for you, folks. Step right up, come one, come all. I checked out a cyber home that I traipse through from time to time and found a winner on “MyConfinedSpace”.

Genius for the faith-loving, but not-quite-committing to any Church type in your life. Enter a sacrosanct deck of FAITH CARDS, good for any faith, belief or culter, organization out there. (Sorry, Tom Cruise. Please don’t sue).

Now, if you fancy a true LOL moment, go the last aforementioned link, Wall Watchers. First time I saw these, I pelted everyone in my trite HiScrivener inbox, and then figured why not. Let’s spread the holiday/HOLY-day cheer with these thing. Lovely!

Here are some other adorable snap shots:


Well, kind of a survey, according to Yahoo…

Instead of it being a “national poll”, it was 3,000 dorks fresh out of a Sci-Fi convention. Instead of this being a global representation of religion, it was a remote, dank section of Manchester.

alien-jesusBut for what it’s worth, Britain’s Daily Mail cheeky marketing survey to promote the puerile X-Files movie got enough love to go on the Wall. So, good on ya’.

That said, the poll of 3,000 people found that 58 percent believe in the supernatural, including paranormal encounters, while 54 percent believe God exists. Women were more likely than men to believe in the supernatural and were also more likely to visit a medium.

Well, I have an example for the latter: Oprah! Next?

So, what’s the deal with these 3,000 dolts who think E.T. is more viable with faith than J.C.? I just don’t get it. There has never been proof about life on Mars, and century-old debates about life in heaven, yet slimy invertebrates are slightly more realistic?!

Ooooo K. Anyone from the story provide a talking point?

“While it is difficult to know for certain, the tendency to believe in the paranormal appears to be there from the beginning,” said Christopher Bader, a Baylor University sociologist. “What changes is the content of the paranormal. For example, very few people believe in faeries and elves these days. But as belief in faeries faded, other beliefs, such as belief in UFOs, emerged to take their place.

I suppose that makes sense. While most of the Church doesn’t seem to grasp personal evangelism like back in the day, we always have TBN to fall back on, right? Anyone? Is this thing on?

March 4, 1966.

A date that will live in infamy for the music world – at least, one of the dates concerning “The Beatles.” That day, John Lennon was interviewed by Maureen Cleave in the London Evening Standard, when he was quoted:

“Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn’t argue with that; I’m right and I will be proved right. We’re more popular than Jesus now; I don’t know which will go first – rock ‘n’ roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It’s them twisting it that ruins it for me.”

beatles-and-batmanAnd then the fun – and death threats – began. The Beatles went on to be this world’s most prolific songwriting rock group and the Catholic Church made it their benchmark to quell their fame and quash that remark. How’d that work out?

More than 40 years later, as noted in the Times Online, the Vatican got tired of fighting that battle and realized the scoreboard was skewed slightly in John Lennon’s favor.

Yesterday’s edition of L’Osservatore Romano said that “after so many years it sounds merely like the boasting of an English working-class lad struggling to cope with unexpected success… The talent of Lennon and the other Beatles gave us some of the best pages in modern pop music,” said the newspaper, which has recently tried to shake off its stuffy image by covering popular cultural events such as the Oscars.

So, lemme get this right… for more than 40 years, the Vatican has carried this weed for this band and threatened to use that rosary in unspeakable ways for that impious comment. Because of the Church’s vitriol, this statement by the heroin-induced band leader has had more lives than a church fence cat. And now, because it seems circulation rates are down for the Vatican paper, you come out and extol the unadulterated brilliance of that British infidel?!

MEMO to Pope B16: Does your blessed assurance make a beeping noise when you back up that fast?!

Here’s a follow-up question to play off a familiar aphorism: If an apology is hurled out in a crowded world, and no one is there to read, does anyone care? Yeah, not so much. Yoko-Oh-No, indeed.