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With everyone else’s take bashing some talking head on the right side of the aisle or commending some bleeding heart on the left side of it, let’s do WWJD? Calls it like he sees it despite what folk think.

First off, before we discuss the horrific and sardonic murder of Dr. George Tiller, ask yourself, “What’s the magic number?

No, it’s not three (despite my love for it and the clip). No, 60,000 and 35 – as in, how many fetuses Dr. Tiller destroyed in the third trimester of birth over a span of how many years!

At this moment in birth, that little “thing” in utero has a heartbeat, eyes, nose, ears, fingers and toes.

As in, what every PERSON looks at in the mirror when they wake in the morning. You know, like someone allowed you to live.

So, here’s a thought (and I so dare everyone to read this completely before writing a post of vitriol): what would happen if some dude walked into your bedroom and crushed your melon with a hammer?

pro lifeThey would be arrested for homicide if they were caught. That’s murder… and much is the same for what this noted Kansan later-term abortionist was as well.

And so, some loon named Scott Roeder decides to follow suit and destroy the anti-productive life of Dr. Tiller… only he marches into Tiller’s church while his wife is singing in the choir loft and shoots him dead sitting in a pew.

What hypocrisy does it take for a man to say, “I hate abortion” and then murder the man committing them?! Idiot.

Roeder will be convicted for first-degree murder and possibly become a marytr for his idiotic organization, the Freeman Organization, which is one of those anti-government, anarcharistic compounds that should be burned to the ground.

So… where do I stand on this issue?

Abortion? I’m pretty sure it’s obvious. Dr. Tiller’s death? About the same.

It’s wrong, wrong, wrong! What Tiller did is reprehensible, immoral and sinister. But, as mentioned earlier, what’s the difference between making Tiller into Swiss cheese and executing a late-term abortion? Nada.

Roeder deserves to die for what he did… but eh, Tiller? I’m just sayin’.

So, if nothing is different about the committed act of murder, whether in-utero or in a church, then how come there is a world of difference between how people respond to it?

If someone has a conservative slant and comments about this dude, they are hated and marked with an ire of a despondent country. If someone has a liberal slant and does the same, they are embraced into open arms of sympathy.

Huh?! And people say Christians are big about double standards…

This is NOT a political issue. This is a personal one. If you are pro this or pro that, who cares? Seriously. It doesn’t matter – not when it comes to a late-term abortion.

Murder is murder. Stupid is as stupid does. This is not a debate about the Hippocratic Oath, just hypocrisy.

So, for all you people who decide to bash FOX News and pentecostal pastors everywhere, shut up.

Sitting aloneIt’s a dire and holy shame what happened to Tiller. Period. A life was taken and this ain’t the days of King Hammurabi.

Roeder, and the hundreds of imbeciles you have in common, you sit alone on that hill of self-righteousness because the only high-five you will get from Jesus Christ is a firm slap to your blessed assurance.

There’s no witness in that. There’s no saving grace in that. There’s only sin in that. Jesus isn’t pleased, honored or blessed by the actions of what this dolt did. His ideology promoted him to do what he did. His twisted theology allowed him to do it guilt-free.

Now, who am I talking about? If you don’t know, then you have understood the point and just scratched the rub.

Jesus, save us. Be with Dr. Tiller’s family. And allow us all to learn to accept other sides of arguments while refusing to buckle for the spiritual sides of any of them. People, get a life or have yours saved. Amen.

Art by the great Kerry Waghorn

Art by the great Kerry Waghorn

Dr. James Dobson.

He’s 72, has almost 1000 employees, more than two million listeners on a daily basis and single-handedly done more the evangelical movement than any other person alive. And now, he’s calling it a day, according to the Denver Post.

Evangelical Christian icon James Dobson has resigned as chairman of the international media ministry Focus on the Family, yet the voice of this key architect of the religious right will still be heard in American homes and political theater, he told followers Friday.

From abortion to pornography, gay marriage to children’s rights, Dobson has said and done a lot as America’s advocate. But his influence is waning and his identity has been flailing.

In short, all those who were caught up in the net of his sacred fishing expeditions and building of the National Day of Prayer’s foundation are now in their 50s and really don’t have the commitment to further Dobson’s ministry.

His passion still exists. His purpose is still necessary. But his target demo – young parents – have become still more accepting of the “Adam & Steve” theory. At least so says his critics kicking dirt on his still open grave:

“For more than 20 years James Dobson has used his expansive, well-funded media platform to promote defamatory and false information about the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people,” said Neil G. Giuliano, president of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Yeah, well. Despite his shallow threats and support for losing candidates, what Dobson has done for the entire Body of Christ will never be duplicated. His mettle, prestige and certitude will be unmatched in ecumenical circles.

He may be retiring, but his voice will still be heard and his legacy will live on. Say what you will, folks. But at least start with saying, “Thank you.”

Meet Matthew Derosia, a renegade SUV driver with a real weed for making a statement.

Misled folk, like this deranged lunatic, have done oddball things in the name of God for centuries. For example, take the protest of abortion clinics. Listen, I understand being appalled by something – cruelty against animals, abuse of the environment or say all that Pier 1/Bombay Outlet stuff they got half-price to adorn the set of TBN. Oy!

No one I know personally loves children more than yours truly. So, when I see people protest abortion clinics, I get it. The war of life begins the very moment one of those little soldiers make it to the battlefield, not when said soldier makes it out of the foxhole – if you’ll forgive the military metaphor (ba-dum-dum-ching).

Now, this... this is a statement

Now, this... this is a statement

But what this zealous fool did is overboard by just a smidge:

In an apparent abortion protest, a man who police say intentionally crashed his SUV into the Planned Parenthood clinic on Ford Parkway in St. Paul [Minn.], has been arrested.

That’s insane. And why? Evidently, to post a sticky note in the minds of Christians everywhere.

The crash happened… while a group of protesters demonstrated across the street. Thursday was the 36th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on Roe v. Wade, the landmark case regarding abortion.

I presume dolts like this have read the Bible with some sort of decorum and passion. Perhaps, they are familiar with the “begats“? Funny how those deal with genealogy, you know, as in people… who used to be babies. Murder does not begat murder! Are you kidding me?!

Bombs, cyanide and now ramming a truck full speed into an office building. Stay classy, folks. What kind of witness do you think you are really being for the Lord at this rate?

Man, don’t you think God would best served with education, teaching… heck, throw condoms out the window while you are flipping the doctor’s the finger if you really want to sin, but actions like these don’t make people want to join your cause. Those action make people want to slam your knees with a sledgehammer.

How is God glorified by you killing the doctor, his nurses and staff – half of which are probably there without prejudice just trying to earn a check to take care of you know, their CHILDREN!

Man, these dimwits make a preacher wanna cuss on a Sunday.

Doritos. Hyundai. Coca-Cola. Budweiser. And a hilarious one from These were the nice ads during yesterday’s Super Bowl (despite the $3 million price tag). If you missed any of them, AdAge has the full dossier.

However, the one not on that list – and the one destined to never see a whiff of television broadcast – was from Fidelis, a Chicago-based Catholic organization that was given the Heisman from NBC when told, “Yeah, we aren’t airing advocacy ads.”

The advertisement in question? A :30 animated sonogram of a baby with a story, and who would be president. Yeah, they thought it would be catchy to use Barack Obama’s story as the epicenter of this ad. Think they want a redo on this one, or was this by “intelligent design”? After all, just consider what they can do with that truckload of cash not spent; yet, they are still getting all this press.

The focus is for people to imagine the potential of every human life; however, do you see potential or just a cheap advertising ploy to get folk talking about an age-old agenda? You be the judge, click on the TV below and enjoy:

I suppose that’s the new rage – religions become self-sufficient and exclusive. Since we have been seeing wars and hearing rumors of wars (a.k.a. the “last days” are nigh upon us, folks), it’s time to stop evangelizing and start existing…

cathoogleAt least, the Catholic Church seems to be headed in that direction, thanks to this story from WOW News’ the great Cathy Lynn Grossman of USA Today.

A new web site, “Catholic Google” launched recently with a claim to offer “a safer way” to surf the net for “good Catholics” and anyone else who want to learn the Catholic Church’s official views on a topic without crawling through umpteen links.

Hrm. So besides Pope Benedict screensavers, Hooked on Latin Phonics and transubstantiation no-nos, what else different can we expect? And who is next is for religion 2.0?

“Hindoogle”, which forbids recipes of hamburger and has a Gandhi tribute page for every search. “Jewoogle,” which would not only feature great pages on Zionism, Judaic law, but also some sweet Facebook pages on lawyers, accountants and surgeons. And then there are those pesky atheists who is still trying to buck the system by reserving, “”

I love what Cathy did to beta-test this new-fangled contraption:

I searched Catholic Google for “birth control.” The first listing on my search had text that spelled out the Church’s opposition to artificial contraception — immediately next to an ad for pills sold by a Canadian mail-order pharmacy.

Nice. If there are still some privacy and SEO concerns with “Cathoogle”, I would hate to search for “Altar Boys.” [So. Hard. Not. To. Trying. Shaking. Must. Turn. PC. Off.]