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Have you ever been watching TV and see a report from an oil magnate, like the CEO of “Big Oil, Inc.” who is issuing an apology to his investors for being down in the first quarter… yet that company still made $3.4 billion?!

This appalling story of resounding bad form and complete disregard for anyone is like that.

Meet ‘Cordoba House’, as the story details in the Christian Post.

"Never Forget". How about "Anyone Still Remember?"

Anyone remember that cataclysmic event known solely for its infamous date? 9/11? You know, Islamic terrorists? Airplanes? National hysteria?

So in the “What the what” department, a few Imams and a gaggle of militant Muslims who dig this “free speech” thing in America have decided to petition a New York community board to build a $100 million mosque, Islamic community center and basketball court practically in ‘Ground Zero’, the site for the devastating attacks.

Yeah, I know. And even worse, it was approved with a vote of 29 to 1.

To kick this tirade off, props to whomever was the only person on that board with the temerity to say, “You know, this may not be such a good idea.” And the rest of those dolts who are either so blindsided with P.C. or wetting their britches to say what they should have, shame on you. Idiots.

“I couldn’t believe that this is really true,” wrote Sabatina James to The Christian Post in an e-mail. “Building the mosque where thousands of people died because of Islamic terror is just indecent.”

James, whose book My Fight for Faith and Freedom is a bestseller in Germany, is currently living under police protection in Germany because of death threats against her for converting to Christianity. She said her German friends were shocked when they heard that a mosque might be built near the site of the 9/11 terror attacks.

I mean, seriously. What is anyone thinking in the Big Apple… with a worm in it?

What do you think would happen if when Louis Farrakhan dies, Mosque Maryam (the warm, national confines of the Nation of Islam) goes belly up and is vacated. This is site is historic, but a few rabbis think that is some prime real estate would be a great location for a Jewish school and gets the party started with a sweet Bat Mitzvah.

You think the kerfuffle that would proceed would make headlines? Possibly a guest appearance on ‘Americas Most Wanted’? MEMO to New York City: Two words for ya’, “Never Forget.”

Yeah, apparently you did because that was a cutsy, marketing phrase your beloved city concocted to plaster on everyone’s bumper this side of the Mississippi. You know, kind of a tribute thing for all those natives that um, DIED in your friggin’ town.

I know 2001 seems like a land in far, far away but believe me, it’s still too soon for this. This is much more than a religious issue; it’s a national one.

Community Board 1 member Rob Townley who called the plan a “seed of peace.”

Yeah, that’s nice there Bobby. Only it’s not so much a seed as it is a wheelbarrow full of fertilizer, if you know what I’m saying. Although it’s tragically unfair for all Muslims in this country to be painted with the “that religion” brush, it’s the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

Cordoba House is not a tribute or a memorial. It’s a reminder of that gorilla flinging poo at the memories of the 2,700 people who were murdered on that fateful day.

If you want to honor those victims, build a park, do community service or help clean that mess. But do not build a house of worship toward your god where so many still need to feel a touch from theirs.

“Indecent?” That’s the understatement of the year. The only problem is that we can’t seem to find anyone in New York who is willing to overstate the obvious.

Ever since 9-11, standards for airline security has been acclerated and enforced just a tad. Maybe you heard?

At least this guy was better prepared

At least this guy was better prepared

Well, one thing is for sure, a Bolivian pastor apparently didn’t get the news because he took more on board his flight to Cancun with more than just his carry-on bible.

Mexican investigators are evaluating a Bolivian pastor who hijacked a jetliner for possible mental illness, and trying to figure out how he managed to slip through Cancun Airport security with a fake bomb in his luggage.

Well, at least it was a fake. Just a “juice can with some lights on it.” I mean, he just wanted to put the “fear of God” in people. That’s evangelism, right? Yeah, not so much.

So, tell us Pastor Jose Flores, why the bomb? Numerology, of course.

Flores told authorities that [the recent date of] 9-9-09 is the satanic number 666 turned upside down. Speaking to reporters after he was detained, Flores smilingly told them: “Christ is coming soon.” He said he had received divine revelation that an enormous earthquake would soon strike Mexico and that he hijacked the plane to force a meeting with President Felipe Calderon.

Hey pastor, in lieu of the impending apocalypse, you may want to mix in one of those sandwich board signs telling everyone in Terminal A to repent and seek God’s face. That’s effective… and lawful under the U.S. Constitution.

But this? Suffice to say, I can think of better ways to do an illustrated sermon. Maybe I’ll carry a huge hammer to his jail cell, as an example. Given the fact this guy is a big tool, I think God will give him that revelation too.

(Masonry shout out to Crummy Church Signs for the well, crummy church sign.)

In Memoriam

In Memoriam... into perpetuity

It was one of those days when everyone remembers where they were and what they were doing when the World Trade Center towers plummeted to the ground that fateful day on September 11, 2001.

I lost a few friends – both in working circles and a boy in blue. Maybe you did too?

So… have you forgotten?

Many people have opinions, and like a hole in your butt, most stink. Even more people have a story, grueling to tell and chilling to hear.

But do you know, or have your forgotten, the stark numbers behind the day known for only its own numbers?

New York Magazine created the rundown list, which quite honestly, should be the only math people do today.

That amazing list is a stark reminder of those we lost, the pain it caused and the grief that still exists to this day. Again, remember?

When you have time, Wall Watchers. pray – for our great country, our civil servants in uniform who sacrifice their lives daily, our president and leaders of state, and our holistic protection.

And in case, you – like so, so many in this country have forgot – this day shouldn’t spark political debate but moments of silence. Dispel of the pointing of fingers and decide to give someone a hand. Ignore those dolts who find pleasure in controversy and focus on those who are still dealing with the pain.

In other words, never forget. Never. God bless America. Remember?

god-and-twitterIn today’s voyeuristic fishbowl called the “Internet,” I believe it’s dubbed, are millions of people who have much to say on news, politics, religion or a veritable potpourri of all of the above.

And then, there are those folk who just don’t have a lot to say, but say a little, a lot. Those are the owners of Twitter accounts.

For each shopping excursion, dining experience and fart-and-fall-down moment, people can “tweet” ad nauseum and sound like that aggravating bird outside your bedroom window at 5:45 a.m. (!!!)

Anywhoo, there’s a new trend in the blogosphere with imposter Twittering and people following the fakes with more allegiance than the real people.

Which is what brings me to the highest ratings Robert Schuller’s “Hour of Power” has earned since 9-11 and the latest imbroglio that caused Junior Schuller to fly the coop.

Thanks to this story by the San Diego Union-Tribune, we see Robert Schuller as been Twittering with 1,000 followers in two weeks. Only, not so much.

Schuller’s impostor displayed copyrighted images and trademarked sayings from the Crystal Cathedral and “Hour of Power” Web sites on his Twitter account and had attracted nearly 1,000 followers in two weeks, said Greg Fayer, an attorney representing the church… The San Francisco-based Twitter Inc. confirmed that the user was an impostor and suspended the account late Tuesday, co-founder Biz Stone said in an e-mail Wednesday. A new account was set up Wednesday for the real Schuller, said Mike Nason, the church’s spokesman.

Now, as we have seen lately, this is the most attention anyone has paid to his dazzling, monotone banter since the Reagan administration. But, thanks to this faux boring old guy who has lost his conviction, Schuller is back!

Schuller’s impersonator – who remains unidentified – seemed to know a lot about that history and the preacher’s life, said Nason, the spokesman. The impostor said in his early tweets that he was Schuller’s assistant, but then went on to say he was Schuller himself and even talked about the preacher’s wife, Nason said.

Well, maybe not.

What’s next? WWJT… What Would Jesus Tweet? Glad you asked…

  1. My toga is fitting a bit tight. All these carbs with bread loaves and fish dinners. Oy!
  2. Trying to crash in this boat. The boys are whining. I’m going for a walk.
  3. Lazarus is having a party. I’m four days late. Dude, smells like someone died.
  4. I’m so talking to Dad about these hairdos I see on TBN.
  5. Why do people keeping asking Mom, “Mary, don’t you know?” I’m right here. Duh!

But this story does beg an interesting question? What snarky, techie moniker to the gurus clad in Star Trek t-shirts and living in their mother’s basement provide a fake Tweeter?

OH! I know, I know. Let’s start by calling this dude, “a Twit!” Thanks, I’m here all week. Try the veal. Be kind to your servers.

OK, here we go…

change-this-tooIt was a source of contention during the presidental campaign, right up to the election: Is Barack Obama a Muslim or a Christian?

ANSWER: Christian, with a Muslim heritage. It’s not like his surname is “Washington” or something.

However, if he keeps tiptoeing around stories like this in USA Today, that heated debate is going catch ablaze again.

As Barack Obama begins his tenure as the first U.S. president with Muslim ancestry (though he is a Christian), a group of 300 young Muslim activists from 76 countries has asked him to promote policies that can help peacefully curtail religious extremism.

I get it. 9-11 changed the world, specifically the world’s perception of Muslims. It’s not fair – at all.

Segments of global populations get blamed for the actions of a diabolical few, and the good guys get snubbed because of the bad ones. I know, that’s life unfortunately.

Don’t believe me? When was the last time someone accused you of being like “those televangelists on TBN”? Good-hearted Muslims get the same bad rap, only minus the megalomania, bad hair cuts and dripping in other people’ser, hard-earned cash. Carry on.

The Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow, a grassroots movement aiming to foster a new generation of civic engagement, issued the open letter after convening the group’s first international conference last weekend in Doha, Qatar.

So, this group decides to cash in on a last name and writes the president a letter. Guess what? This would not have even made the news if said correspondence wasn’t read. Now, it’s America – a land rich in opportunity and chock full o’ folk – and the BarackStar represents them too. But, this is one of those gray areas where perception is reality.

Regretfully, if he doesn’t want to be painted with that broad brush of bigotry, he may have to create an act of Congress against all religious extremism and just hope this rubs off on this group. It’s a small world, after all. Don’t you think?