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Eschatologists and new-age kooks alike, mark your calendars! According to Mayans everywhere (and this popular brick noted on the Wall), 2012 is going to be a grand year of transition. It’s not because of another presidential election when radio stations across the country can begin playing “Send in the Clowns.” No, it’s because of this […]

Every once in a while, Wall Watchers have the opportunity to read about newsworthy events proselytizing the end of the world. Be it Mayan fun guy, Quetzalcoatl or Abilene dumb guy, “Buffalo Bill” Hawkins, dates about the Lord’s return have been showing up since, well… the Lord got here in the first place. And here’s […]

“I knew it. HiScrivener is the man. But um, he forgot the name of Jesus?!” Nah! But if I was a Mayan Indian PR specialist, I would have bruised my temporal lobe trying to remember his name. You see, back in 10 B.C. resting off the Yucatan peninsula’s balmy shores, the Mayan civilization has this […]