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For the past few days, we have been tracking the histrionic in Houston known as Victoria Osteen getting sued for being a primadonna… er, having a bad day aboard a plane and forced to sit in the comforts of a pleather reclining chair with enough liquid on it to get a small tick mouse damp. […]

Today’s episode in “How the Stomach Turns” involves the Stepford wife, Victoria Osteen directly. The tale of air woe takes to complete reiteration of why we are here (Vicky cracking open a can of sanctified whoop @$$ on a flight attendant) and how bad it allegedly became (Vicky getting the red @$$ because she wasn’t […]

So, the televangelist court saga of 2008 is underway as Missus Tiara Victoria Osteen (seen in the picture fresh off the plane) is taken to task for breaking out her best MMA impression on an unwitting flight attendant who didn’t tend to some spillage in her cushy pleather-clad seat in first class. After the neutered […]

Ah yes. Another scintillating video from Cross Eyed (or video evangelism). While on a sabbatical of my own this week, I ran across a delightful chiding from none other than John MacArthur. Since the inception, “well wishers” to The Writing on the Wall have tried to tell me I’ve been a little harsh on one […]

It’s a new month, new weekend and a new opportunity for video evangelism. And THIS is laugh out loud, wet your Depends, my ribs hurt funny. You know, with the exception of the chocolate milk stain on his chin, because believe me the day JOEL OSTEEN grows out that peach fuzz while occupying the pulpit, […]