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No, no. I mean starting a new church. What did you think I meant? You Wall-watching gutter minds. Oy! Anywhoo, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Ted is back with a vengeance and holding a “prayer meeting” on November 12 at… his house. (Hey, isn’t that how he first got in trouble with his gay-lover-masseuse-meth-dealer-dude […]

A couple of things actually, but one chief thing in particular: Both have been accused of investing time in lousy, pitiful men Each person’s ministries created the sound of thunderous applause at times, and at others, the sound of one hand clapping AND NOW, both Juanita Bynum and Ted Haggard will appear on Divorce Court […]

Just when you thought we were done with the Ted Haggard saga, this story gets… well, a little more haggard. Oy! As if the media tour and family harangue wasn’t enough for this guy, who is officially a tool, we have this unfortunate story from CNN stating where there is smoke, a brother is bound […]

From a personal masseuse and pushing pills to embarrassing his family and eradicating his ministry, Ted Haggard has been one busy boy. And now, with a shudder and two snaps in a circle, he fights back with a one-liner that sounds like he pulled out of his crate of homiletics: “[My] sexual identity is complex… […]

So, in case you have been buried under a rock somewhere in the middle of the Sahara Desert, under some sand and without a GPS unit, you would have heard Ted Haggard has been in the news. One day, he is one of the most influential men in Christendom. The next, he is lathered up […]