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News hailing from the Orange County Weekly and Reuters reports what we only knew was just a fleeting moment away: the nation’s first megachurch, the Crystal Cathedral, has filed Chapter 11. Crystal Cathedral Ministries, founded by Dr. Robert Schuller, best known for its weekly “Hour of Power” television program that it claims has 20 million […]

What began as a messy divorce between father and son, debt at Crystal Cathedral causing the lights to get cut off and then Dad thinking his son can do his own power thing and Girl Schuller can do it, has now led to this: Dad is “retiring”. Or is he? The entire drama, which is […]

Last we visited the trying drama of Robert Schuller, we read the Crystal Cathedral was losing its luster, folk were going elsewhere for edification and Junior Schuller gave pops the peace sign to start his own “Hour of Power.” Refusing to give up the ghost, Elder Schuller had an epiphany to save his ministry and […]

In today’s voyeuristic fishbowl called the “Internet,” I believe it’s dubbed, are millions of people who have much to say on news, politics, religion or a veritable potpourri of all of the above. And then, there are those folk who just don’t have a lot to say, but say a little, a lot. Those are […]

MOST RECENT UPDATE: The Crystal Cathedral has lost its power and filed Chapter 11. UPDATE: Is Elder Schuller retiring? Don’t call it a comeback… it’s all right here. And then some. Three years ago the father of the nation’s first megachurch, Rev. Robert Schuller and his Crystal Cathedral, gave up the ghost (metaphorically) and allowed […]