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Ah yes. Another scintillating video from Cross Eyed (or video evangelism). While on a sabbatical of my own this week, I ran across a delightful chiding from none other than John MacArthur. Since the inception, “well wishers” to The Writing on the Wall have tried to tell me I’ve been a little harsh on one […]

Tonight is Halloween. See the title? Is that something you can say? If not, you should. Think about it: Children and parents from all over your neighborhood are coming to your door looking for a handouts all night long. Consider them as Jehovah’s Witnesses, only in drag. Or in super hero panty hose. And cute. […]

This video can… and does a good job too. In marketing, we call it an “elevator pitch”. Essentially, cut the crap and get to it. Although the message of Christ is far from flinging feces in a monkey’s cage, the symbols of man and woman do remind me of those ubiquitous characters seen on bathroom […]

Our brave men and women need all the inspiration they can muster to fight for us overseas. Some have their family picture in the pocket. Others have voice mails of their loved one on the phone. And even a few believe their selfless act of admiration is being done in the name of God. Evidently, […]

Without hesitation, if you were to ask me, “HiScrivener, what music do you prefer when you need a quick pick-me-up,” I would answer before the first verb came out of your mouth. Sure, I like some old school hip-hop as much as the next (or even Nu Soul), but that’s not it. I fancy some […]