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There comes a point in life for those special people when your “legend” outlives – and outdates – your life. The distinguished and amazing Rev. Billy Graham is one such man. For weeks, the Writing on the Wall has seen inscribed stories about Billy Graham and his biopic hitting screens soon. And thus, the theory. […]

I have often imagined what a moment in time with Billy Graham would be like. I know both of his publicists, as well as several folk that has spent many hours with this great man, but I am usually the one with an e-mail or driving the car. So, I will just have to utilize […]

WOW! If you have been reading the Wall for any time at all, you know I have a panache for expressing grief, misery and disdain for Christian movies that don’t quite live up to a Christ-like expectation. Then again, I will regale about the ones that cut through Hollywood’s clutter and cloaks and rake in […]

For a few months on the Wall, we have been fancing another sport HiScrivener fancies – movie watching. Among them has been a weakness of mine, biopics. And of that, another weakness of mine, Billy Graham. So, some tool is making an unauthorized movie of the great evangelist, and like most inventions without a patent, […]

I suppose this could become another “Brickhouse Series” (scroll down and look to the right) because we have another twist to this Billy Graham movie thingy that regretfully shows you the Church has such a difficult time doing things the right way, the first time! First, we hear that the Billy Graham movie is finally […]