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Back in 2008, when the marketing machine for the apocalyptic flop, “2012” was in full swing, people were seriously considering the Mayan calendar to be more trustworthy than a Farmer’s Almanac. Folk circled December 12, 2012 on their calendars as “The End” and planned their early Christmas shopping accordingly. We spray painted story-after-story on the […]

Man, my fraternal juices were flowing when I saw this movie and knew this post was coming (shout out to my Ice Cold brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.). Why? Because I get to harangue a Q-Dog. No, no, not the “Atomic Dog” brothers but rather Quetzalcoatl – the triune man, dog and lizard […]

Later this month, you know in 2009, a blockbuster is going to hit global screens – 2012. John Cusack is going to save the world from the “Q Dog” (much to the chagrin of my Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. ties) and the fact that it’s just a cheap marketing ploy three years early shouldn’t matter. […]

Religion and animals. They have been intertwined since the beginning of time. Noah had the ark, and all the animals two-by-two Muslims abstain from swine Mayans have a movie coming out about Quetzalcoatl Mythological creatures are typically morphed humans and horses or whatever Treatment of animals is holy writ according to Judaic law And then […]

Last year, you may remember the fair warning to have your pets spayed or neutered in commemoration of the Mayan triune barnyard animal, Quetzalcoatl, who is a third snake, third bird and with some man parts sprinkled in there somewhere. Brief history lesson: The Mayans had this quirky calendar back in 10 B.C. that ends […]