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A not so long time ago in a desolate land far away depending on where you live, the national news was all about a motley crew of renegade fundamental Mormons – F-undamental-LDS for those scoring at home – who thought the way to a better religion was living on a remote Texas compound, make all […]

Let’s see here (cue harp music): Nut job mormon decides there’s enough of him to go around (wassup ladies) Teaches other dirty old men the same thing, trolling for older chics not that successful so skews a younger demo Not too keen on the Utah vibe so they build a big temple in the Texas […]

Just when you thought it was safe to take your 13-year old out of the house to party, they’re baaaaaaaaaack. We have spent the past couple of months discussing the wiles of this maverick sect from the greater cult hub, and there is still more lent and cookie crumbs stuck in-between the couch pillows of […]

Well, Latter-day Saints call out the Spin Doctors, he’s baaaaaaaack. (Oh wait, you have already done been down that primrose path). Good thing, because you kids got some work to do. America’s most hated baby daddy Warren Jeffs, former polygamist sect leader of the infamous FLDS, is already in jail for statutory rape in Utah […]

Evidently. So, look out Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren and the rest of you budding hopefuls on “Project: Runway”… Here comes the FLDS ladies from the YFZ Ranch and those hot threads for the fall season. After the mothers of the Warren Jeffs maverick Mormon compound got their children back – who were once marked ‘Property […]