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You have heard the arguments. You have seen the blather. But now… NOW… there’s proof about the man they call Obama! Messiah, or not. Antichrist, or not. Whatever side of the Mason-Satan-Dixon line he calls home, Barack Obama is doing something that hasn’t been done since Father Abraham became a Baby Daddy and sent that […]

Initially, what’s up with former Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mick Huckabee?! Dude left the campaign trail, signed on as a political hack for FOX News and now has parlayed that into a full-time gig with his own show. Yes, Mike “Baptist pastor gone Arkansas governor funny guy” Huckabee! And he scored a coup that no […]

To some, what esteemed Gen. Colin Powell did on Sunday was become Benedict Arnold to the party… er, country he defended. But to many, many, many others, it was the final death blow to the potential McCain Administration. He endorsed Barack Obama for president… and chiefly for religious reasons. Punditry aside. Wayfaring, straight-ticket voters silenced. […]

Sarah Palin was an active child of God, so suffice to say, she enjoyed hearing someone get his or her preach on. Just as most of us who stop by the Wall, we carry a love for God that supersedes most of what we do on a daily basis. Most of us have been to […]

As HiScrivener sits here cramming popcorn, laughing esoterically and waxing philosophical, I have been wondering if this election is a done deal? Has McCain done enough to make himself palatable to Christians? Has Obama done so much to romance the Church? Has it even mattered to you? Whatever the case, welcome to the “Wall of […]