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Public Relations 101: Never start a whizzing match with the media. Apparently, while Victoria and Joel Osteen are “loving their life” and boring people to tears with sanctified psychopablum, no one ever told them that. Check out this interview with Rochester, NY reporter Evan Dawson who apparently had a serious weed to yank with one […]

Two years of legal issues. Two weeks of an inane law suit. And it took all of two hours for the Harris County [Houston, Texas] jury to return a hearty hand of “Not Guilty” to Joel and Victoria Osteen… and probably gave Sharon Brown the finger. I really like this wrap-up story from the Houston […]

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.” Although Sir Walter Scott (Ivanhoe, Rob Roy) wrote that line in the 19th century, probably about an ex-wife that got on his last nerve. However, that brilliant line of poetry is all too applicable today as good times ensued in a Houston […]

This week has been entertaining down in Houston for Joel and Victoria Osteen. First, on the first Sunday back to church blubbering was a player, thanks were abounding and all that… from Joel. All the while, Victoria Osteen stood as if she was frozen in that Han Solo carbonite, only without the beef stew surrounding […]

Today’s excerpt from the wife of Joel Osteen and her saga, “As the Temper Burns,” we find the miscreant flight attendant Sharon Brown on the stand for more than six hours being harassed by the Osteen’s attorney with insightful repartee and assumed brow-beating. The girl whose left boob was battered by Victoria Osteen’s razor sharp […]