Last month, we spray painted the story on Elder Schuller “officially” filing bankruptcy.

It was like the quartet on the Titanic finally admitting to each other, “You know, with all these people frantically screaming and cursing the iceberg, I think we have a problem.” Nevertheless, he filed and no one was stunned.

Courtesy: Ana Venegas, Associated Press

Well, except him.

It seems this 84-year-old captain refuses to go down with the ship, according to the USA Today. That, or just wants one last cash grab for retirement.

“I need more help from you,” Schuller said, according to the Orange County Register. “If you are a tither, become a double-tither. If you are not a tither, become a tither. This ministry has earned your trust. This ministry has earned your help.”

Yeah, in this tough economy, we call that begging.

Let me get this straight: the Crystal Cathedral is $43 million in debt, is full of namby-pamby folk who “appreciate” positive thinking… and God, and has become the laughing stock of ecumenism.

Yet, the place where believers go to retire is going to become “double-tithers.” Keep it classy, Pops.

Despite the fact the media can’t get a single quote from Junior Schuller who was unceremoniously shown the door for first, a revolving door of positive thinkers and then finally, Sister Schuller. Let’s see how she did:

She assured church members Sunday that using “Biblical” money management the church would get out of bankruptcy. The congregation gave a standing ovation near the end of his daughter’s remarks.

That’s nice, but is it practical? This church is hemorrhaging and is home to thousands of believers.

And now they are being held hostage to an infomercial of inspiration in an effort to corral millions of dollars. Oh sure, blame the recession (he did), don’t pay your bills (he didn’t) and then hoard the cash.

Why do pastors with any notoriety fall in love with the fruit from the believers more than the believers themselves? We hope that guy will be the exception, but then stories like this keep coming up.

Does anyone have any sense?

“Sheila is really trying hard and she is a good person,” said Jean Hess, a member for 30 years and a greeter at the church’s doors. “But, I think, to get back to where it was, the church needs to look outside of the family to find a true leader.”

Yeah, that’s very logical but like anyone is going to pay to hear preach. Ah well, our heart will go on. God willing.

  1. Ha ha my specs keep doing tricks to my eyes. I thought I had read Schuller doesnt want to go down for a snip. After a double take I read it right “…refuses to go down with the ship”. My bad!

  2. Bene D says:

    I linked up to Robert Schuller Jr.’s appearance on a Cdn tv show recently if you are interested.

    Very smooth, chuckles off the questions and answers what he choses too. Interesting to note he and his dad are talking again, the whole family has been drawing a salary from the cathedral all this time. (But Jr. didn’t mention that)

    • David says:

      What a surprise–the whole family has continued to draw a salary–one TV ministry down and about a hundred to go–when are people gonna wise up and walk away from the TV/radio preachers who get rich off their viewers. Support your local Churches!
      Getting back to the “Cathedral”–tell me it wasn’t painful watching Schuller’s dowdy,matronly daughter fumble her way through the broadcasts?

  3. Hi Scribe,

    Thanks man! I’ve been taking a break from the madness but slowly but surely I’m getting back into it….


  4. hiscrivener says:

    Tim: Just because he is disgruntled family, doesn’t mean he’s not family. And that’s one loaded family. As for the business management side of things… meh?

    Phil: Brother, thanks. Been missing you on the Wall and out there on your own. Peace and blessings to you my man!

  5. tim campbell says:

    Did anyone happen to note in the recent NY Times article on the Schuller’s and their Crystal Cathedral that, at the end of the article there is a reference to Schuller’s son Robert A. Schuller’s “acquiring” AmericanLifeTV from the Unification Church?

    With the Crystal Cathedral in debt to the tune of $43 million I can’t help but wonder where Schuller Jr. came up with the cash for this…

    This seems suspiciously reminiscent of the recent trend of CEO’s who, at the pleasure of their boards, ransack their companies for a substantial Gold Parachute and then jump.


  6. Hey Scribe,

    What’s new?

    You said “Yeah, in this tough economy, we call that begging.”…..

    Priceless dude!!


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