Evangelist Steve Hill provides prodigals a map to come back home

Posted: June 15, 2010 in Age Quod Agis, Networking, Testify
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You really can go home again

Here’s a name from the past: Steve Hill. Name still not ringing a bell? Think about a church service happening nightly with a line around the building.

Brownsville Revival, anyone? Oh, that Steve Hill.

If you think that he sure has been quiet since the glory fell in the late 90s, you would be right. But he has certainly still been active, as we see in this story from Charisma.

Hill has been a pastor in Irving, Texas of Heartland Church since 2003. This came as a shock to me because I – like tens of 1000s around the world – have been touched by his ministry. Then suddenly in 2000, he vanished like Elijah’s chariot visited the tropical state and swooped him up.

Before we touch on the cool thing he is doing now, a little about where he’s been.

Hill left Brownsville in 2000 and later founded Heartland Church. But since being diagnosed with a “vicious” melanoma in 2001 that has spread into his bloodstream, forming two tumors near his lungs, Hill has increasingly been using the Internet to evangelize.

Who knew? That is so sad considering all the lives he touched, and when he was sick, no one could touch back. Ah well, back to the story. Apparently, while the fiery evangelist realized talking wasn’t a big thing for him at the moment, he could still type feverishly, so he did.

Early last year, Hill launched ProdigalsOnly.com and, much like his brimstone bellowing in Brownsville, this net casting venture is catching quite the school of fish for Jesus:

Hill said God showed him there were 20 million prodigals in the U.S. alone, but the site has drawn visitors from 130 nations, including China, the United Arab Emirates and Japan. On the website, Hill shares his testimony of overcoming addiction and the parable of the prodigal son from Luke 15. He then invites visitors to recommit to Christ and share their stories with the ministry, which is working to help direct people to a local church.

As quiet as its kept, Hill is about to endure his third clinic trial at M.D. Anderson Center in Houston – considered one of the best cancer treatment facilities in the world.

In fact, at his church next month, Heartland is having a reunion service featuring John Kilpatrick and Lindell Cooley (That brother can blow on stage. Talk about anointed.) This service is going to be a fund raiser hoping to offset Hill’s medical costs.

Think about that? At one time, you were known as the world’s soul catcher. Then, once the glorious haze lifted, you disappear only to fulfill a call as a pastor in a city with so many megachurches anyway.

The one gift you have is quelled because of cancer. Do you quit? Nope. You speak through your fingers and reach 1000s more prodigals because that’s what you were created to do.

Talk about practice what you preach. Wall Watchers, let’s talk to God for him and for a healing. Peace be unto you.

  1. Tshitso Rantai says:

    How will I be able to get the Sermon by Steve Hill where he was preaching about the Cross and the Blood of Christ, it was during halloween 1996 or 1995? It was played today, 8th November 2011, on Daystar Channel. I live in South Africa and I would surely like to get it. It’s a good tool to have in to furthermore reach the unreached in R.S.A

  2. Judy Clark says:

    I hope and pray that Steve Hill is healed from this cancer that is of the devil.The devil knows he doesn’t have long to work so he is trying to destroy Gods Children,he knows that Steve is a blessing to others.Please pray and fast for him.

  3. GodSend says:

    “The world’s soul catcher”, eh?! Let’s try to remember that those who glory in the limelight of “this world” are likely to be enemies of God and deceivers. The real laborers in the vineyard of the Lord are hardly ever seen or heard! (unlike the Pope and dozens of TV “Evangelists”) – and they are not likely to be acclaimed by more than a handful, if any, of those who have been shown “The Way”. The “Christian” obsession with numbers (“saved”, “Prodigals”, “church members”, etc.) is a sign of worldliness and spiritual disease.

    Finding the way to the Cross is a highly personal, agonizing and SELF-annihilating experience – “and there are few who find it” There are even fewer who choose to travel on it!

    “Do not be deceived”.

    • hiscrivener says:

      Yeah, thanks Captain Jealousy. Some of the most fearless and diligent “soul catchers” are never heard from and often persecuted like you wouldn’t believe. But let’s get that chip off your shoulder to realize they don’t have a TV STATION blaring their every move and plea to get saved. For all those frauds out there in TV Land, there are some genuine ones as well… just like the amazing soldiers in the trenches for the Gospel. Steve Hill is one of those real cats doing Jesus proud.

      As for finding the cross, it’s actually quite easy. The quest is not a visual one, it’s an emotional and spiritual one. Ask to find Jesus and he’ll be right there waiting to hear you. Don’t wait to listen. You talk first, then follow… soon after, you’ll hear him. Peace.

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