BP's huge oil spill is about to hit land across the entire Gulf of Mexico

Something wicked this way comes

The Gulf of Mexico is murky, toxic and is literally a sea of despair. The video is harrowing. The threat to the environment, ecosystem and the seafood industry is alarming.

And yet, the silence from the Church on this travesty is deafening!


Aren’t we to be stewards over this planet? Do we not have dominion over the fish of the sea? Should we not protect the gifts God Almighty has bestowed upon us?

Then why does it seem the Church could care less about the tragic state of affairs in the Gulf of Mexico? As long as it doesn’t affect church attendance on Sunday, you’re cool?

This is far from a “liberal rant,” but rather as a child of God disgusted by his siblings when someone has just whizzed all over the gift Daddy bought me. Make no mistake – that is precisely what BP is doing as long as that spicket can’t get corked 30,000 leagues under the sea.

If you need any tug at your heart, consider these numbers, thanks to Newsweek:

  • 400 different species are being threatened by the oil
  • 7,000 square miles of federal fishing area has been closed because of the spill
  • $14 billion is the price tag of BP’s oil spill… so far
  • 3.5 million gallons of crude oil has been spilled in the Gulf. Helllloooo Exxon Valdez.

And none of that creates a prayer group, a vocal televangelist or even a reporter knocking on the door of any random pastor? Stunning.

An ichthus, a fish for Christ can swim in this oil and make a difference

It's time for us to swim upstream and make a difference

If anyone should be advocating the newly formed “Gulf Aid,” it should be the Body of Christ. We should be first in line to donate resources, offer time and pray for the near $1.6 billion in economy that has stopped to a grinding halt due to this mess. No deep horizons for those small business owners.

Seafood trade – done. Gulf restoration – back to the drawing board. Safety for the ecosystem – not a chance.

Hey, Church? Want a mission field? How’s the gulf sound right about now? You could send a team of volunteers to serve in the Gulf, do your part and help restore a broke, busted and disgusted economic system down there.

Listen, pastor of the Generic Church Assembly. I understand you are all bunched up about the immigration policies in Arizona, the health careless plan of Barack Obama and whatever else your cronies are babbling about around the water cooler, but this should matter to you and your congregation.

Why? Other than the aforementioned reasons rooted in theology, did you know Earth Day was actually not created by the far leaning left, but rather has a little to do with some right standing Pentecostal folks? In other words, God cares about this place so we should too!

Just think… five years after the worst natural disaster leveled the Gulf; the worst environmental disaster is about to topple that distinction. Meanwhile, can’t we at least pray for God’s hand to bring about healing and restoration here?

I challenge you to challenge your pastor about this issue. Folks, we need to pray. We need to take that dominion out for a spin and see what it can do.

And if that’s not enough, we need to do something. At least, that’s what the world would not expect.

I would love to disappoint them. Namely in this case.

P.S. If you know anyone in your church that was chanting, “Drill Baby Drill” during the last election. I would recommend a suggestion for you to said tool, “Go Clean Baby Clean.”

  1. Doreen Agostino says:

    Hello EveryONE.

    This natural and rare Shift of the Ages we are passing through, calls humanity to awaken beyond illusions of separation, powerlessness, scarcity, fear and the dream about what we are not, and align with the body of Christ within each of us.

    Leading edge physicists and sages now agree, that underlying all reality there is only Light; Infinite Light described scientifically as Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy and spiritually, as authentic or unconditional Love, also referred to as God, Spirit, the Universe, Life, All That Is, or other Name, which responds to our beliefs, emotions, actions and thoughts. As this World Age comes to a close, time is compressing into only now, which means our choices, love or anti love act like a boomerang.

    In my Blog entitled ‘Our Greater Destiny’ I offer another perspective: Gulf of Mexico Adversity Ignites Change ~ Choose A Greater Destiny

    During this Shift of the Ages, inauthentic Old World Age systems are naturally in decay like caterpillar in a chrysalis. To pass through this Shift with least resistance, stress, fear, requires humanity to Shift anti love choices and illusions that we are separate and powerless, into heart aware UNITY, compassion and cooperation; the only Authentic Power to influence Authentic SOULutions. For a greater destiny, align BodyMindSoul within and with all life. We ARE the ONE we are waiting for; to unite the material and nonmaterial realm of Authentic Love and Truth, as we journey into the heart of a New World Age.

    Doreen Agostino

    • Joel Duggins says:

      Doreen Agostino,
      I’m sorry if you find what I am about to say offensive, but I believe it is the truth. The Christ is not in all of humanity. There is no spark of light or life that is part of who we are. We are all dead. God, who is outside of us, beyond us, completely other than us, who is not part of us (or the rest of the universe) but instead made us rather as a potter shapes clay, can change that, but we are not. Christ is a person, capable of communicating propositional speech with actual words. You might dislike what I am saying- maybe everyone who ever reads this will hate it- but what I am saying is Christianity. If you don’t like it, have the honesty to set yourself up against it, do not claim to be inside of it bring it to a new higher understanding; you are contradicting its core beliefs.

      • Thanks for sharing Joel.

        Leading edge physics and science are shattering myth perceptions that keep humans playing small. I interviewed physicist Dr. Peter Russell on my Internet radio show. Peter wrote several books including, ‘From Science to God’, which I read with great interest. I hope you visit his site http://www.peterrussell.com

        Warm regards,

      • Joel Duggins says:

        Playing small? That’s one myth I can clear up right now; you can say that Christianity is false, or you can say that it is true, but don’t say that it is playing small. Acting like you are expanding, improving world religions by calling humanity the one we are waiting for… isn’t really honest. That’s not improvement, it’s pantheism, and it’s been around for thousands of years.

  2. […] will be honest, I missed this gem of an article weeks ago from The Writing on The Wall entitled Where is the Body of Christ for the oil spill in the Gulf? because I am now asking this same […]

  3. nancy estee says:

    there are good and bad in all of us. remember, he who has not sinned, cast the
    first stone.? this is the time for forgivness. if you can’t see that, i feel sorry for you.

  4. Bob Fowler says:

    I could not agree with you anymore. I wanted to let you know that The ROCK of Panama City and had a specific gathering out on our beautiful beaches this past Saturday evening for almost three hours. The point of our being there was to pray and prophecy over the gulf and specifically the oil disaster. We have also had approximately 1,500 jobs lost due to the current government leadership taking over Student loans, etc., as well as others so we prayed and ministered to those affected.

    We worshipped, sang, and turned toward the gulf with our hands lifted praying in the spirit and prophesied to the “groaning” of our earth and waters first asking Yahweh for mercy and then as his sons and daughters called and ministering righteousness to “our land” to which we are “married”! We also had the honor of sharing Christ with others on the beach who became curious as to our gathering and of course we welcomed them to partake of our food, fellowship, and ministry. It was a wonderful time and very anointed. We have another planned for June 5th specifically set for the same reasons. We have also been praying and prophesying at our public gatherings since the incident. Bob Fowler

  5. GodSend says:

    Are you kidding?

    The “Church” is the most deceived bunch of clueless navel-gazing sheeple on the planet! (ALL denominations).

    The “Body of Christ” is NOT found in America’s churches on any given Sunday (or any other day of the week) – especially not in the Episcopalian Church which just ordained a lesbian minister! – or the Roman Catholic Church which is busy concealing pedophiles in its “holier-than-thou” ranks. Then there is Hagee, leading millions of so-called “Christian” mindless sheeple (CUI) into the murderous tentacles of Zionist Israel and its American stooges – like ObamaRahm-a and Joseph Biden (in addition to countless Republicans).

    Google David J. Meyer and “Last Trumpet Ministries” to find out where America “is at” and what to pray for.

    The Gulf Oil spill is just another example of Man’s FOLLY (like the CERN LHC coming catastrophe).

    The real threat to humanity comes from the DECEPTION and DESTRUCTION (of human bodies AND souls!) by Satanic “powers and principalities of darkness” and their demon-possessed human agents. Who are THEY? THEY are the ZIONISTS who did 911, the USS Liberty attack, the JFK assassination – and who ARE DOING the Grand Depression, already in progress. Check my website and Blog ( http://sol-godsend.blogspot.com ) for more details.

    Now THERE is something to pray about!

    The Gulf Oil spill is something to DO about. (precious little of any consequence!)

  6. Joel Duggins says:

    You are correct. We should be praying, we should even be working if the opportunity presents itself. The fact is that there always are better places and ways to spend time, money, and effort, (Example: Haiti) but since the Church is barely doing any work with these more pressing issues, we can’t use them as excuses. (as is often done)

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by HiScrivener. HiScrivener said: Check "The Writing on the Wall" for a gentle musing about what the Church should do about the #oilspill and @GulfAid. http://wp.me/peiWo-1qt […]

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