Benny Hinn’s wife petitions divorce, ensures husband, “This ain’t your day”

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I have been belaboring this subject for a few days when the news became official about these two on the rocks, but a couple of salient posts from Another Bricks on the Wall Bene Diction Blogs On and I’m Speaking Truth inspired a brother.

Here goes…

I am not a proponent of divorce, as you can see in the previous tag on the Wall. If you can work it out, you should… that said, the Hinns worked everything out for more than 30 years. And now she leaves his tail?! No, no, despite the prayer vigils on TBN, something is not kosher with this situation.

Suzanne Hinn filed the papers in Orange County Superior Court on Feb. 1, citing irreconcilable differences, after more than 30 years of marriage. The papers note the two separated on Jan. 26 and that Hinn has been living in Dana Point, a wealthy coastal community in southern Orange County.

This is a woman who had the cash, the fame, the notoriety and didn’t have to do a thing… and still, she serves Brother Benny. This wasn’t some fresh revelation from God, folks. She has been harboring resentment against this coifed-hair-having, Nehru-suit-wearing dude for quite some time.

Think about it [cue harp music].

She has sat through the plights of vicious investigative reportingand stayed. She dealt with Sen. Charles Grassley demanding to thumb through the ministry’s mysterious financesand remained faithful. She put up with the fashion faux pas pandemics of his hair and his wardrobe… yet, she was still seen in public with the guy.

But now she is tired of his schtick and files for divorce. Um, not so fast lady. While you may have taken him off guard, some of us have you figured out. For instance, from the ministry’s global HQ in North Texas:

Pastor Benny Hinn and his immediate family were shocked and saddened to learn of this news without any previous notice. The couple has been married for more than 30 years. Although Pastor Hinn has faithfully endeavored to bring healing to their relationship, those efforts failed and were met with the petition for divorce that was filed without notice.

Get that, “endeavored”. This drama has been going on for a while; yet he never saw it coming? [Enter your own “Didn’t God tell him joke” here]. And “citing irreconcilable differences” is lawyer-speak for “she can’t stand you man now give her half”.

Why the sudden change of heart? Perhaps, she got tired of the game? Maybe, the stories of people who believed they were healed by God only to discover they were swindled by man finally reached the breaking point. While has been showing everyone he is bathing in the waters of revival, perhaps she was the only one who knew he was drowning in a river of shame and sacrilege.

You know, is Suzanne around so we can ask her?

Um… “Holy Ghost Enema?

You know, maybe heartache and heartbreak has nothing to do with it. Perhaps she is just as bananas as he is. God only knows why this marriage didn’t work because we dang sure don’t after that cavalcade of insanity.

  1. Ade says:

    Shame on you…

  2. bro.benn hinn is true servent of god. i am so blessed by his prayer. i am healed by his prayer , my back problem last 5 year pain, but servent of jesus prayer i am fully healed. benn hinn wife has captured in the hand of davil. for only getting money from him.jesus give salvation of his wife, save her otherwise she will punish in day of judement jesus take revenge his holy men like bennhinn his fame vanish. from jesus bless all of y.

  3. thontiraj says:

    praise the lord.god bless your family.amen

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  5. Dealva Flores says:

    God be with the both of you, my heartfelt prayer is that Jesus Christ truly continue to get the honor from the both of you with sincere hearts.

  6. why!!!!!! i felt really sad cause u are the man of Jesus ur wife should wait ’til death and the end of the world but in the eyes of God u and suazana are still wife & husband please wat ever u do pray and dont be afraid

  7. Palmer Andrew .O says:

    Benny Hinn is my spiritual father, my meltor there is nothing people want to say against him that will believe. He’s a man of God, and i have read all his books, his books guard me especially on the area of the Holy spirit and Anointing. But my prayer for Benny Hinn my father is that God will restore them again in Jesus name.

  8. susan njoki says:

    friends we are always 2 quick to judge others .just jesus said he who has no sin let him lay a is sad to see how fast the prophets of most high are mistreated.jeremiah’s life i thought was enough warning for the church today but all in all God will always fight for his people.keep praying ben.the battle belongs to the lord.

  9. Joy says:

    Just hearing d news. I do not believe dis story. Dear Lord,please save us all

  10. Benny’s wife has had a good life being with her wonderful and sincere Husband, when she is out on her own I am sure she will miss the money, homes, and being on TV and all the traveling. She does not look like the type to have a real job and work for a living.

  11. judith machingura says:

    I would like to know what standard you use to judge other people. We are all sinners in the sight of God. Before you condemn other people take a good and long look at the man in the mirror and judge him first. Then let the man that has no sin be the first to condemn.It would be nice to hear half the things that those who are close to you would say about you. Be blessed.

  12. […] Hinn is a husband scorned by an ex-wife who thinks her own miniskry is taking off and White… well, she thinks she is at a swap meet outside Compton most of the time anyway so we will just move on. […]

  13. […] was stunned that this woman that he had grown to adore and tolerate would ever leave him and his Nehru suits. He was internationally regaled, the TBN poster boy and was constantly in the headlines thanks to […]

  14. Barry Boyd says:

    Are u people 4 real?Hinn is a bona fide 100 percent false prophet and false teacher.Anyone who beleives that he speaks 4 the Lord is spiritually retarted.Hinn says that God speaks 2 him and gives him revelation and prophetic utterances.I say he is a liar and making the Lord out 2 be a liar.When God speaks, what he speaks comes 2 pass.Benny says he speaks 4 the Lord,well if that is true and it is not than why have all the so called revelations,words from God and prophesy not come 2 pass.People do yer homework,look up old broadcasts from TBN network and listen to the lies he speaks saying its in the name of the Lord,none of the crap came 2 pass so that makes him a FALSE Prophet and the Lord a liar.The Lord is not a man that he should lie,Hinn is a man and he is lying and doing it in the name of the Lord.The question is are u people who support Hinn going 2 continue to stand with a false teacher and a liar?If so than u r denying the Lord who sufferd and died for you,shed his blood for you and rose again for you.Hinn preaches another gospel and its not the one Jesus preached.Wake up before its 2 late and theres no turning back,repent and return to the Lord while it is 2day.

  15. Rajesh Louis says:

    Dear All,

    God has opened Benny hinn eyes that instead of seperating people from the universal church (catholic church) which christ constituted , he shud instead unite the church with one many people have left the catholic church without really understanding due to his ministeries which GOD does not want alas Mr. Benny Himn own wife seperated from him.Binny himm sud repent thru the sacrament of reconciliation and GOD will hve definately have mercy on him.We sud alll pray for Mr. Hinn that by his Faith agian in our LORD JESUS CHRIST like the apostle Paul he may reunite all the people again to one and true faith – the Catholic faith .

  16. Racheal Wanga says:

    When the servant of God is under such an attack every christian is affected, the whole body of Jesus is bleeding. We pray that Jehovah God will fight all his battles, may God go before him as a consuming fire and one more time may God reveal Himself to his servant, that he may grant him wisdom at such a time. I declare that shame is not his portion

  17. benson says:

    may be we must be concerned with our own salvation. i dont think that the people that tithe and contribute to ben hinn are so foolish and blind as not to know what they are doing. they are not forced but do it willingly so let them alone. if you want a share just ask him (ben) for something, he may consider you.

    • hiscrivener says:

      No, they aren’t foolish. Yes, Jesus will bless them. Just like he has blessed the millions who have given to [name your charlatan here]. It’s just a shame the Church has to experience “bad investments” like the world does, you know?

    • Christopher Fernandes says:

      We would need to pray to God its time now that we all get UNITED and we all should be called as Christians . No need to say that I go to this Church or that Church . Just say Christians …Its time to become ONE ..

      Why there are so many Divisions – When we have ONE God and ONE Jesus and ONE Bible .. Dont you think its time to be ONE and just follow the teachings as per BIBLE .

      Please reply and send my message to all Christians .. Maybe we need to start this from today .

      You may write to me on my below email .

      Thank you and God Bless you .

      Christopher Fernandes

  18. How I Bet a Million Dollars
    By Robert Winkler Burke

    A devil came to me one night, and said,
    I have a proposition for you,
    Here is a million dollars tax-free in cash,
    Here’s what I’d like you to do.

    Pick your favorite prosperity preacher,
    Any one with big hair and life will do,
    Give him the million dollars in cash,
    For his sweet story you know is true.

    That preacher might promise you,
    One thousand increase!
    One thousand increase from God,
    Is a billion feast!

    Or second choice, this devil said,
    Use the million on yourself,
    Be a prosperity preacher,
    Getting tithes from sheep plebes.

    Promise others God’s thousand increase,
    Make them happy that way,
    Soon you’ll have your billion,
    More direct deposit gay.

    So pick,
    Said this devil,
    The lesser,
    Of which evil?

    Of course, you spirit, I said,
    I shan’t give one million away,
    To a preacher promising God,
    Will thousand multiply my pay.

    I choose rather to be the preacher,
    Receiving prosperity tithes,
    I’ll get my billion soon enough,
    By masses unaware of wiles.

    And praise God,
    I got my billion,
    But my sheep,
    Not good they’re feeling!

    They chose the greater of two evils,
    Me, my big life and hair do not care,
    They chose to be sheep, me sheep-eater,
    It is my money now, ce’st la guerre!

  19. I don’t live on Rodeo drive, I live in the jungles of Palawan, ( winning the lost) ha! Man who are you? I am not sticking up for Benny God will do His dance on him as He will on you and me but where is your head at the guy who wrote this site? If you are supposed to be a believer where is your heart at? From my judgment of your space is you are one sick puppy… go win someone to the Lord man and stop the pharisee dance, gotta go… Scott

  20. TheEnd(of theHinn's)isNigh says:

    Given the government’s inquiry into the link between their tax-free incomes and lavish personal lifestyles, this sounds to me like an “a la Madoff” attempt to secure a big part of their assets in case the Govt. moves to confiscate their ill-gotten gains — the idea being that if she can walk away with half the cash now, they’ll still have enough stashed away to keep them in mansions, private jets and enemas for the rest of their lives.

    As well as suspicions, the divorce raises a couple of questions too: (1) Doesn’t the bible itself frown upon divorce, and wouldn’t the Hinn’s be pissing off their boss by doing so? (2) How come the ‘Holy Spirit’ — who can perform such mighty healing miracles on Hinn’s suckers (but strangely enough ONLY IF they send him cash) — can’t heal his marriage? Surely this would be a walk in the park even for a god-in-training, compared to other mundane, everyday god-chores like curing blindness, paralysis and cancers etc…

  21. Western Enlightenment teaches that man must examine himself and his institutions, to ferret out Selfishness, Greed, Aggression and Self-Assertion.

    As Benny Hinn is not a fan of self-examination, his greatest ploy is SELF-ASSERTION. Just YouTube his interviews. His replies are laced with SELF-ASSERTIVE talk, and how his so-called SUPERIOR relation with the God-Head… approves all his unexamined doings.

    These include five-star hotels, a $36 million jet, his ever-opaque finances… and self-asserted sainthood because he holds mass hypnosis rallies domestically and abroad.
    The damage he does to the USA is this: His cult-worship and hidden viruses-against-correction followers not only support him, BUT ALSO THE NEXT WILY POLITICAL demagogue using psychic tricksterisms learned from Hinn’s televangelist brethren.

    Hinn’s cult-worship and hidden viruses-against correction also do GREAT DAMAGE overseas, where prosperity doctrine and SELF-ASSERTION is practices by white-suited Benny Hinn Wanna-Be’s.
    The result is a worsened world, despite self-serving televangelists saying the opposite. They spread sublime darkness, because what the world needs are less SELF-ASSERTING apologists for mystic tyranny and more wise souls who acknowledge we all need to protect liberty against selfish, greedy, aggressive, self-asserting CON ARTIST MYSTIC TYRANTS.

    They make hidden slavery, our age’s worst problem: Hidden, mystic tyranny.
    Clerical and Political Tyrants work hand-in-hand, and that is what the televangelists generally have promulgated along with their luxury homes, lifestyles, and big-buck devouring reality distortion fields, oops I mean broadcasts. Such fields are VERY EXPENSIVE, and need a primitive-thinking, dumbed-down, sheared-sheep donor base. The donor-base cannot admit it has been raped.

    God sees all and waits.

    • St. Anus says:

      Since his divorce,Paul McCartney is worth only $700,000,000,and David Bowie is worth a trillion.

      A single hit song from the ’50s is still supporting hundreds of washed up degenerates.

      And your problem is…?

  22. fancy says:

    dear papa benny we love u so much we all praying for u we all stand together as a christian in ur critical times we really dont know what is the reason behind the rumours which are coming about ur personal life. whatever it may be be bold enough to face every thing by the power of holy spirit. i strongly believe that god will do more miracles than before .since u have saved so many peoples life god will not let ur family down. I request all the christians all over the world not to hurt benny he is a true servant of god if we hurt benny we just prick gods eye.please dont defy gods name may god bless papa benny

  23. […] televangelists? Nah, been there recently. Done that. What about a God Sighting of the Month? I did miss a month but still managed the not-so-devil in […]

  24. lightness says:

    suzzan I know how you feel!!
    My name is lightness Joel (phd). I am not all that famous but I can sit down and listen to you doing the talking without commenting for you to realease the tension in there and I will keep quite forever. Can you afford to come and stay in my little but loving home for free for some days to heal up. Nobody knows you here and it is good to be far away and rethink!!

    • fancy says:

      i dont know who u r .but dont hurt him he is a servant of god ,u r an accountable to god..u r an antichrist according to me .u need anything more than this .since i am a lover of christ i dont want to hurt u by using bad words ,becoz our god asked us to love somebody who hurts us.but the same god told us to shake the dust of our feet when somebody does against us for the judgement

  25. It looks like she was tell them they were all butt kissers and it appears that she got tired of kissing his butt and left. Wow. Never heard of that HG Enema and frankly hope to never hear it again. The only shame is that this wasn’t in the era of Tammy Faye and Benny and Tammy could have hooked up. Can you imagine the show?

  26. Jesus Loves Me says:

    Benn Hinn is in the dry season. He is a great servant of God. Even if the wife is now leaving Benn Hinn, God who called Benn Hinn can not dare to leave him. Benn Hinn cheer up, all christians all over the world are praying for you and your God is watching over You. This is the time that anti-christ is working hard. But in the power of God we declare the anti-christ to fail and be burnt. We dismiss all the devil that has been attacking Benn Hinn.
    May God increase his anoitnment on You and confidence to preach his gospel and power to heal the broken hearts.

    God bless You

  27. Bene D says:

    Thanks for the link.

    There is a rumour Mr. and Mrs. Hinn haven’t seen each other for a year. I don’t know what California law is, in some provinces in Canada, a year apart is legally considered separation whether the couple files or not. Would filing for the divorce merely insure a chunk of the assets?
    No way Benny would have made that move, too much damage to his image if he did.

    There seems to be some classic family system stuff going on here.
    All Mr. Hinn can do publicly now is verbal damage without blatently making it look like he is.
    He’s shown what he’ll do if his empire is threatened.

    Blog on!

  28. Dagi says:

    he is the true servant of God .God bless him and his Family . we will see more miracle on his service and Jesus will help him . i am not suprised by what i am listing now. there will be always problem . we are not in perfect world .

    • Christopher Fernandes says:

      Its time that we get together

      We would need to pray to God its time now that we all get UNITED and we all should be called as Christians . No need to say that I go to this Church or that Church . Just say Christians …Its time to become ONE ..

      Why there are so many Divisions – When we have ONE God and ONE Jesus and ONE Bible .. Dont you think its time to be ONE and just follow the teachings as per BIBLE .

      Please reply and send my message to all Christians .. Maybe we need to start this from today .

      You may write to me on my below email .

      Thank you and God Bless you .

      Christopher Fernandes

  29. Brother K says:

    Well, uh…wow. Not really much to say about that vid there, friend. I don’t know about a “Holy Ghost Enema”…but I think just viewing that clip qualifies as an “Ecumenical Ipecac”…

  30. Bling Goes the Weasel!
    To the tune of “Pop goes the Weasel!”
    Words by Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 12/1/07

    The preachers on television today
    Your money from you they needle
    Then they buy a jet and fly away
    Bling! goes the weasel.

    A tenth of your income
    They say they need
    To save the world’s lost
    While living high on the hog
    Bling! goes the weasel.

    A senator said, “Stop it now.
    “Your spending is outrageous.”
    The preachers said, “We’ll buy you out!”
    Bling! goes the weasel.

  31. And this has became an open door for the devil/ anti christ to talk sorts of evil against the men of God / CHURCH , but God is so faithfull to His children and he knowS how HE can calm that storm in Pr Hin family.
    Sweetie Suzana, please we love you so much and what ever Pr Ben Hinn has achieved in his life,Ministry , wealth both flesh and spiritual children u also contributed to that. Please i am begging kindly on my kness do not let the devil to take away what u have worked for over 30 years , u will be a losser fight back Suzzana all what the devil wants to still from you and talk to pr Ben Hinn how u feel , we all know he is a busy man for christ’s work but be patient, go with him where ever he goes and ejoying serving God , serving God is a a blessing and not all recieve that , iam now 27 years of age but never marriade but i admire to get married to such MEN FROM families with the blessing of serving God. plz SUZANA YOU ARE THROWING A WAY SOME THING IMPORTANT WHICH WILL REGRET AND IT WILL BE TO LATE FOR, GO BACK AND GRUB IT AGAIN IN JESUS NAME AND NEVER ALOW THE DEVIL TO USE U AGAIN , PROMISE GOD THAT!.
    The church is in danger coz of the Machine of God( Pr Hin) u want to damage.REPAIRR THAT MACHINE

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  33. Having strayed far from orthodoxy and common sense, we who have supported nondom rebel pastors, who build their billion dollar preaching machines…. must consider our pernicious support…. that enables distraught…. or perhaps, wise… wife to take half of the donations. Half of what the widows gave their all for… goes to upset-with-marriage spouse. What if Dave took half of everything given to Joyce? You know, if it happens thrice to a person, they end up with .125 of the whole, the three ex’s with .875 of the whole… And some of these in-the-family ministries, like Creflo Dollar or Ken Copeland… have bragged they be worth a billion! So, all in all, they run an insane risk, an insane operation… in order to broadcast… what? Well, insanity.

    Donors just as guilty as the shearers. It takes an idiot to ask for the money, another to give.

    Yawning Over Potemkin Zombieland
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Copyright 2/16/10

    Well then, it’s agreed:
    There are just no prophets today,
    Warning us about,
    Potemkin Zombieland. Hurray!

    Hurray! We’re okay,
    With hamster pipe walk-left-walk-right preachers!
    They don’t mesmerize us,
    Not according to our liberal school teachers!

    No, the wing tanks are full,
    On the jets of our preacher and politico class!
    We need discern nothing,
    Enlightened thought is just a worrisome morass!

    Even if one of us in thinking,
    Were to succeed,
    Not one, but all need enlightening,
    To work. Agreed?

    So we’re ever so happy,
    With Potemkin Zombieland!
    Leaders: rich, plebes: broke,
    Enslaved America is so grand!

    That’s what some preachers and politicians,
    Do, if not say, by their action!
    Never mind their blinding us to all that,
    Our one job: Their satisfaction!

    Never mind Western Enlightenments’ tragic view,
    Check and verify against each man’s sin,
    We embrace mystic, therapeutic tyranny,
    Our lives: dust, that masters live: golden!

    It’s the new all-for-one,
    And the new one-for-all,
    Feudal lords over us,
    Come now, lords of cabal!

    Actually, we need to be,
    More primitive, more easy-to-herd,
    More easy-to-direct gerbils!
    More nadir! Our zenith leaders’ word!

    We need faux James Bond leaders and preachers,
    Jetting to elite vacation spots!
    With fake licenses to steal our monies and lives,
    No consequences, no harms, no blots!

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