Sharing a cell with a Christian? Bad. Rape? Not so much.

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Above the Fold, Good for a Giggle, PC is not for ME, Religion Potpourri
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Call me an ascetic Neanderthal who needs to wake up and smell the 21st century. Call me a misanthrope ruffian who needs to learn the word compassion.

Whatever you call me, understand I don’t really care when it comes something called “Prisoners’ Rights.”

For the rare exception of innocent people jailed for crimes they didn’t commit, I pray God weeds every one of those individuals out from their personal bondage and frees them duly in terms of a sizable law suit.

However, for the status quo, these folk lost their rights the moment they took them from someone unaware.

Take this simpleton noted in Great Britain’s The Sun, Barman Steven Relf.

Here’s a nitwit who admittedly raped two women after he probably spiked their drinks in a pub. Admittedly. Ergo, his rights went out of style like parachute pants. Really fast!

There he is, three hots and a cot when suddenly, a man fresh from a jailhouse salvation becomes his bunkmate. His new buddy begins to proselytize about the goodness of God. And that’s when we discover Relf here is an Atheist.

A source said Relf was “furious” at having to share at Manchester Prison with the Christian convict and wanted him to be “evicted”. He said: “He moaned about how the guy wouldn’t shut up about God. He said he wanted to speak to a lawyer about his rights so he could be moved cells.”

Nice, because convicted rapists deserve all the stylings of a five-star hotel stay. It’s a shame he didn’t keep that cell mate because in prison, he will be crying out to God in some fashion before it’s all over.
That’s not a right. That’s just wrong.
  1. wickle says:

    Well, that’s probably the stupidest precedent ever.

    They just said that the inmates have the right to pick their own roommates based on whatever standards they have.

    You don’t like that guy’s religion? Get switched. That guy likes country music? Get a new roomie. That one thinks Superman is cooler than Spider-Man and won’t shut up about it? Definitely switch roommates.

    I think that they’d have a very hard time limiting that to religious speech, so they’ve made a very, very bad mistake.

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