Guess who else believes the devil is stealing his money?

Posted: December 31, 2009 in Above the Fold, Networking, OMG!, The Obvious Files
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Answer: Rick Warren.

"Psst. Yo, brother. Can you spare some of that stimulus money?" (Source: AP)

Despite what popular opinion is about the guy’s psychopablum and mushy mandates of the Gospel, I really have never heard of this guy beg for a dime.

What with the books, the appearances (presidential and every other type) and his sizable bank account, I thought at least he was above this.

Perhaps he was inspired. Hmmm… [cue harp music]:

Not too long, we tagged the Wall with the bemoaning of one Rod Parsley who believes Satan is stealing his cash.

Now while I firmly believe Ol’ Slewfoot is fully capable of such a diabolical act, we discovered this $3 million beg was not the case.

Turns out some “teacher” at World Harvest Church’s baby sitting factory for BeBe’s kidser, daycare pummeled some kid, the parents sued and oh yes, won $3 million from Parsley!

Spare the Rod, spoil the child, I say. State of Ohio – 1. Devil – 0. You twit.

Fast forward to the aforementioned (and linked) story from the New York Times and we find a destitute and dang near poverty-stricken Rick Warren [honestly, I’m surprised].

In an urgent letter posted on the Saddleback Church Web site on Wednesday, Warren says expenses are up because parishioners are out of work and ”the bottom dropped out” when year-end donations dropped dramatically. He asks parishioners to donate $1 million before the new year to keep the Orange County church out of debt.

This is a pill, albeit horse-sized, that’s much easier to swallow. It’s no secret the economy blows and people are praying for God’s understanding and mercy as the tithe stays in the storehouse from it which it resides for now.

The slightly shady part is Warren knows the press monitors his Web site as much as his church members do. And to put that up online, you don’t think somewhere in the recesses of his mind there was a thought, “You know, this could become a national story. Sweet.”

Here’s an idea, mands of Gawd (shout out IST): Exercise the same faith you espouse when praying for the throng of folk who, you know, are near poverty, have no money to tithe because they need to keep on the lights and are believing God for more than just you staying on T.V.

If the Lord is big enough to answer their 911 calls to heaven – and he is – then he “sho’nuff” can answer yours.

However, forgive our Savior if he’s a little preoccupied with those who probably can’t get a loan and doesn’t have the cache reserves that you two have. Happy New Year.

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  3. Pastor Drew says:

    Sorry. Not impressed with your argument. But considering some big name, hypocritical, money-grubbing church leaders, I don’t blame you. However, with Rick Warren (as you seemed to imply), we would expect things to be different. After all, he has led the way for Saddleback Church to give generously in the international work they do in helping the impoverished and in providing clean water and food relief. He himself has also given quite generously of his own funds and does not receive any salary from the church. It would seem that Warren and Saddleback have helped set a standard for churches that actually serve people like Jesus did.
    Now here’s the thing: Could he give more? Yes. Could he cover the entire debt? Yes. Has he said he wouldn’t? No. Fact is that there are others in their church who could do well to continue helping make, not just Africa, but the US—and even Orange County a better, more hope-filled place. You realize that Warren does not receive a salary from Saddleback. So whatever money that Saddleback is in the RED over, it’s not to line his pockets. It’s to help other people. And to meet the commitments that the people of the church themselves made through their own budgeting decisions. There is nothing wrong, but rather something commendable, about calling the members of an organization to be as faithful as possible to the commitments they as an organization have made. He’s not twisting arms. He’s simply informing his people, and guess what, in the age we’re in, maybe an org’s website is the best way to let that need be known. And again, Warren may very well end up donating the rest of the defecite, but as a good leader he must give the people the opportunity to do so first. As a leader of the church, he is called to stretch people toward generosity. True that a lot of people are dealing with real financial struggles, but maybe (just maybe) 1% of the church isn’t in that tough spot and is willing to get a new HD big screen instead of helping their neighbor—which is also included in the budget they haven’t made…
    Often times church people fail to give others the “benefit of a doubt.” But guess what? Often times it goes the other way around also.

  4. hiscrivener says:

    This just in… the man who could have written his own check for this deficit, who could have called on sponsors and private donors, who was the topic of this story…

    just announced he raked in $2.4 million [said with the little pinkie held to my mouth].

    No wonder he has that sheepish smirk on his face. So downletting but I suppose nothing should surprise us in 2010. Carry on Christian soldiers on the Wall. We have work to do.


    • Pastor Drew says:

      Seriously. You make this sound like a bad thing. This is $2.4M that is not spent on personal entertainment devices and latest fashions but rather to go toward an organization devoted toward helping the community, an org that has enlarged their budget toward helping local families through the economic downturn. They asked for 900Gs to meet their commitment and they got 2.4M. That many more families will be helped because of those who stepped up to donate. Why is this a bad thing?

    • Pastor Drew says:

      Would it be inappropriate for the Salvation Army to set a goal one year for their Christmas Drive collections? If they released over the media, “Help us collect $1 billion this Christmas,” would that be greedy of them? Or would that be a great way to motivate selfless generosity over the holidays? You realize that the Salvation Army is “just another Christian church denomination” that’s committed toward making our communities a better place. 🙂

  5. Bene D says:

    Thanks for the mention s77.

    Not only is Dobson taking his ball and starting a radio show with his son – his son is begging for money for his daughter’s medical bills.

    While there may be a mantle to pass to the son who didn’t want it previously, it may be Dobson’s idea of payback in the Fotf Daly/Dobson behind the scenes squabbles.

    Look up Ryan Dobson, he has an infant daughter with heart problems and is asking people to pay her medical expenses.

    If any of you have a password to Guidestar look up Purpose Driven Ministries 07/08 – 74 million.
    That’s one of how many organizations Warren has?

    Latest from Rick Warren – it’s a miracle. ‘The Miracle’ even.

    Blog on!

  6. s77 says:


    It turns out that these aren’t the only famous Christian people asking for large sums of money, Bene Diction Blogs On is reporting that not only is James Dobson coming back to radio, but has asked for 2 Million dollars to help him restart

  7. Ron says:

    Why haven’t the “Warrenites” come to the rescue and given their guru the do re mi? I’m positive one offering would easily cover the 900k he’s pleading for. I’m just as positive that by manipulating this story into a national news item certain powers that control the purse strings of the present administration could easily provide the Rickster a little “stimulus” to see him through these hard times.Or maybe the “annointed one” in DC will cut him a check as repayment for services rendered.Isn’t that how these things work?

    What a pathetic joke of a man.

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  9. gcmwatch says:

    I have often wondered what satan did with that three million dollars he stole from Rod Parsley.

    But isnt it normal to issue year-end appeals for finances? Why do these guys have to stir up the drama pot so?

    happy 2010! The future is now.

  10. wickle says:

    “Slightly shady”? I think you give the guy too much credit.

    Honestly, the thing is, Warren could make up this $900k very easily by writing a check if he were so inclined. He’s not.

  11. boydmiller says:

    And the shepherd told the shearers,”Cut’em close boys, they can make it thru the winter”.

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