Because even Muslim girls want a Barbie for Christmas

Posted: December 11, 2009 in Good for a Giggle, PC is not for ME, Religion Potpourri
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Like, Assalamu alaikum. Totally.

Unsure to get that special Muslim in your life for Christmas? No, not him… I mean a six-year old Muslim girl.

Well, fret no more as the wunderkinds at Mattel who brought you the lead-filled Cars memorabilia and the “American Girl” doll who sleeps in cars and is dealing with abuse (No. Joke.) proudly brings you:

Burka Barbie! (Masonry shout out to the National Post)

A Barbie collector attending the exhibition from England opined: “Bring it on, Burka Barbie … I think this is really important for girls. Wherever they are from, they should have the opportunity to play with a Barbie that they feel represents them.”

As Mattel gets all P.C. with their Barbie’s, I love the National Post’s take on this fundamental fashion faux-pas:
I have seen some pretty tawdry advertising campaigns in my time, but I must say this one takes the cake for insensitivity. What’s next in dolls that are “important for girls” to play with? “Illiterate Barbie”? “Forced-Marriage Barbie”?
Genius. I’m just waiting for bin Laden’s concubine Barbie, than I think my Christmas shopping plans are complete. Thanks, Santa!
  1. Panu says:

    Barbie – All Toys – Best Prices on Toys & Games for all ages.

  2. sourgrapes says:

    LOL the picture caption totally cracked me up.

    whatever sells, right?

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