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The real Iron Man? (Courtesy: AP)

Just in the nick of time, heeee’s baaaack.

I was getting concerned Jesus didn’t have enough airline miles to make it to Earth for a cameo, but as always Wall Watchers (say it with me)…

He may not be early, but he’s always right on time. Amen!

Meet Mary Jo Coady from Methuen, Mass.

Coady, a recently separated (put a pin in that) and heavily Catholic mother of two college-age daughters, was tiding up around her home when suddenly she noticed an awkward steam impression illuminating from her iron.

I mean, plug it in and it would have been the burning bush.

The smoky residue from her GE iron created a deified image that is reminiscent of the Shroud of Turin. Or, in this case, of Methuen?

“I’m not telling people they have to see what I see, or believe what I believe,’’ Coady told the Globe today. “They are entitled to their opinion. There’s nothing wrong with that.’’ She added, “but I also know that there are people out there like me that believe and have faith. And this is a good thing.’’

That’s good because she has been plastering the steam-pressed Savior all over her Facebook page asking for everyone else’s entitled opinion as well.

Coady, whose husband recently split causing her faith to wane a skosh, says that the dry clean deity reassures her that “life is going to get better.”

Hey, if that’s what it takes, then God bless her. The only sad thing is noting she was recently separated… and for those who don’t agree with her on Facebook, now they have an idea as to the cause.