Cross Eyed: How not to witness

Posted: November 28, 2009 in IJS, Keep it real, OMG!
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This week in video evangelism, we have a stark reminder of someone we have all met – that one legalistic blowhard for Christ who, in a dire attempt to witness with every waking moment, turns off every individual within throwing distance.

This hilarious video beautifully illustrates those dense folk. I knew a guy that I actually attempted to discuss the previous Sunday’s festivities on the gridiron at church one day.

To wit, he responds, “Football is great to see John 3:16 on TV, but I prefer to be outside the stadium preaching it. Amen?” People moaned. Some brothers passed gas. And everyone in the circle gave the obligatory “Well, uh yeah” while rolling their eyes back in their medulla.

This one’s for each of you.

Let’s keep it real, Wall Watchers. You would be surprised the kind of fish you catch without all that stink on your bait. Just sayin’.

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  1. Joey says:

    100 percent truth comment avove pass on the knoledge

  2. Trackback says:


    [..]Articulo Indexado Correctamente[..]…

  3. Ross L. Gillum says:

    Definitely a cute video, and frankly probably should be shown in every church across the land. But we probably all doubt that will be, huh?!?! LOL 🙂

    Living a Christ-like life is the most desirous way to live, and when we actually humble ouselves and seek this, then the questions we SOOOOO want to prove we know, will flow from those God has led to us. THEN we can exercise our desire to talk and show our “knowledge”….., cause in my case I fear that is all it is. Sadly, when I am guilty of the “ABOVE”……..yes, I have “donned” that same black robe in my mind oftentimes. AND…When I came out of my self-righteous fog,my only hope was that maybe the person on the receiving in could see that my heart was right, yet my mind was simply on auto-pilot, “doing” it’s own self righteous thing.

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving…………”How bout them COWBOYS!!!” :-), and I was pretty proud of my “old Alma Mater” even though Texas walked away with the prize. Could have been really ugly, but it wasn’t!! 🙂

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