Billy Joe Daugherty (1952 – 2009)

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Above the Fold, Follow up, On Your Wall
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Wall Watchers who have been praying for Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, and have commented on the previous post that broke the news about his battle with lymphoma cancer, it is with a sad heart but a hopeful spirit that I post this.

According to the Tulsa World, Pastor Daugherty died after 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

From his obituary in the column:

In addition to founding one of Tulsa’s largest churches, he was founder of Victory Christian School, Victory Bible Institute with about 900 campuses in 93 countries, and Victory World Missions Training Center which has sent 1000s of missionaries around the world.

His television show, Victory in Jesus, reached more than 100 million households in North America, in addition to satellite and internet distribution worldwide. He and his wife, Victory co-pastor Sharon Daugherty, have written more than a dozen books.

Daugherty was one of America’s best-known charismatic pastors, preaching an upbeat and sometimes controversial message that Jesus came to bring spiritual, emotional and physical healing, and blessing and prosperity to mankind. He regularly brought some of the top charismatic preachers in the world to Tulsa for Word Explosion, Victory’s annual summer conference.

In 2005, when Steven Wayne Rogers walked an aisle and hit Daugherty in the eye during an altar call, this pastor showed what it meant to stop preaching a sermon and start living one. People learned what compassion in action was all about when Daugherty visited this guy in jail and prayed for him – by himself, no cameras, no press release, no reason.

During that national imbroglio, I met the man behind the headlines while I was representing another client and never forgot his kind demeanor, his gentle spirit and his obvious exposure to Jesus Christ. Needless to say, he made an impression on me, as well as he did on the millions who supported and appreciated his ministry.

The Body of Christ lost a prince today, but rest assured he is with the King of Kings in paradise waiting for the rest of us. Billy Joe Daugherty will be missed but his legacy will live on in Tulsa, and in the hearts of those who had the pleasure to meet and know him.

He is survived by his wife Sharon and their children John, Paul, Sarah and Ruthie.


  1. LINDA MOLONEY says:

    I was a member of Billy Joe’s church for many years and was heart broken to hear that he had passed away. He had the greatest laught and personallity of anyone I have known. My daughter and I went there all the time when we were in Tulsa and it was alway electrifing. He will alway be in my heart and I will always miss him. But at least he is with Jesus! Praise the Lord!

  2. Dr Kelvin Stewart says:

    I have always loved Billy and Sharon Daugherty since I saw them on screen about a decade and a half ago. Their meekness and humbleness of heart is evident.
    Congratulations Billy, you have made it home – into the immediate Presence of your dear Lord.
    Dr Kelvin Stewart
    Jos, Nigeria

  3. Larry Jacobs says:

    What a loss, but only God knows the entire reasons for this. God bless, comfort and keep his family at this time.

  4. Pamela says:

    Here is information about the memorial service scheduled for Monday, November 30 at 1:30 pm at the Mabee Center. It will be broadcast live on the web. I do not know if I will attend it or not. At least it will be available online.

    I came here in 1977 to attend ORU. I remember Billy Joe and Sharon just maybe three years after they graduated from ORU. He did a co-ed devotional for my wing and brother wing. I remember thinking how he seemed to be a decent man. This was before Victory began. I believe he was at Sheridan Christian Center at the time. In all these years I have not seen another pastor that was more well respected from other leaders in all religious spectrums. To say my heart is broken over this is a severe understatement. I know he is at real peace. However it may take a while for us to get there. At least we can have comfort knowing we will end up where he is, that is, celebrating and being grateful that he found out that what he believed about Christ was true.

  5. Wes & Denice Wegner says:

    We were members of Victory back in the early 80’s when I was a grad student at ORU and my wife was a Rhema student. The church then was still downtown and then moved into a huge tent and from there to a converted car dealership as growth continued almost explosively. When we left they were meeting in the Christs Chapel. We learned as much about the person and function of the Holy spirit from Pastors sermons as we did from our combined studies at ORU and Rhema both. Even though a lot of years have passed since we left Tulsa we have always considered him as one of the top 3 pastors God has placed in our lives over the years. Hence we were stunned to learn Sunday from text messages and emails of Billy Joes untimely and sudden death. While the shock of his departure saddens us greatly we know where he is. Our thoughts and prayers are with the congregation and family who have lost a great leader and father prematurely. The body of Christ is one less today.

  6. luis Aquino says:

    Solong Pastor Billy Joe I thank the Lord for your life and ministry; My prayers for his wife Sharon and John- Paul- Sarah and Ruthie, We’ll missed him Great job Billy! now you’re with our Father in heaven.. see you soon my brother, L.A.

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by HiScrivener: BREAKING NEWS: #BillyJoeDaugherty has lost his battle with lymphoma cancer. He was 57 years young. Peace….

  8. Jim and Jackie Holten says:

    What a legacy of love this great man left. My pastor said to our congregation that Pastor Billy Jo was one of the finest and kindest men he’d ever known. A prince among men, indeed!
    He will be missed.

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