Paula White accuser gets busted for probation violation

Posted: November 9, 2009 in Follow up, IJS, On Your Wall, Televised Theology and Toiletries
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It seems a pathetic example of our justice system known as “Joshua Brian Randolph V. Paula White, Her “Vanilla Ice” son and Without Walls International Church” is about to take an abrupt right turn.

Impersonating a police officer

The hand gesture must be his fake gun. Pow!

According to the St. Petersburg Times, Randolph turned on his TV and noticed how the cameras love Paula White but him, not so much.

So, he leaves his home state of Georgia and organizes a press conference on the church’s doorstep telling everyone how he was called the “N-word” more times than he could count by Paula’s son (and that of the forgotten father, Randy… just saying).

Only one issue with that presser in Florida, it seems the compulsive full-of-crapper Randolph is on probation… for impersonating a police officer. No, really.

Randolph previously pleaded guilty in 2007 to impersonating an officer in Hall County. He is on probation until January 2011, records show.

Amazing. It seems the only person in this world with less credibility than Paula White… has managed to sue Paula White. Genius. Now, this dolt is on the run as probation officials have a Dimwit Alert out for Randolph’s arrest.

“He is not to leave the state without permission from his probation officer. It has now been verified that he did so,” [Sharmelle from the Georgia Department of Corrections] Brooks wrote in an e-mail to the St. Petersburg Times.

Watch it, Joshua. When Po-Po gets a hold of you, they will certainly call you worse than Brandon White did. Allegedly.

  1. dickkopf says:

    Nice “photoshop” with the cute, little blue police cap.

    As a minister of God (Romans 13 somewhere I think), can’t the real policeman simply drag this idiot behind a garage or shed, and just thump the man’s melon to a bloody pulp?

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