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This month in the mad dash around the world for the face of God, we find ourselves in Scotland (Shout out to Bene D).

Glascow, to be exact, where God was not only seen… but looking back at his creation in the most vile of acts. Now I realize God is omnipotent and omnipresent, so hiding from the Spirit of God while in the club, at that certain someone’s house or erstwhile gallivanting in sin is ridiculous.

Courtesy: John Gunion, "The Sun"

Courtesy: John Gunion, "The Sun"

However, there is one place I wish God didn’t see me (and forgive the candor, but tagging on this Wall is about being real). That’s right, the dreaded Number 2. Amen, somebody?

I mean, while you are blue-knuckling it and playing a nice game of Tetris on your iPhone is not where you want to see the Almighty staring back at you.

Nonetheless, there he is, catching a bathroom glare at the neighborhood IKEA according to WOW News’ The Telegraph (UK).

There is some debate over whether the face truly represents the Son of Man, or whether it is in fact Gandalf out of the Lord of the Rings, or even a member of ABBA.

Okay, that line… genius!

Now whether this mug shot was a wise old warlock, a beatnik 80s roller skate band member or even the Shroud of Turin, the last place I need to see a pictograph within three inches of my face is while I am dropping a deuce.

“I was only heading to the toilet and I found God,” one shopper told the Telegraph . “It’s certainly not what you expect to find in an Ikea store. Mind you, you need a little divine intervention to get out of here sometimes.”

I’ve heard of stranger places to have a sacred experience, but have mercy! Imagine the sales and marketing team of this global chain, “On sale now. The second coming… in a store near you.”