Billy Joe Daugherty diagnosed with cancer

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Above the Fold, Testify
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BREAKING NEWS (November 22, 2009): Billy Joe Daugherty lost his battle with lymphoma cancer. He was 57.

Typically, we adorn the Wall with a comical panache, but not today.

In today’s age of overblown televangelism and megachurch pastors drawing mega ‘tude, we have an exception being dealt a bad hand.

billyjoedaughertyAccording to in Tulsa and Charisma magazine nationally, we read that the regaled and respected Billy Joe Daugherty of Victory Christian Center has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

In a letter read during worship services, Daugherty, founder of Victory Christian Center in Tulsa, said he was hospitalized last week because of a viral infection in his throat. After running a series of tests, doctors diagnosed him with lymphoma, a cancer that affects the lymphatic system.

This creates the same question in the minds of believers when you see those depressing infomercials shilling for ministries feeding kids in Africa, “Seriously God? Why him?”

Answer: Who knows. What I do know is that you will not hear Pastor Daugherty complain one bit – not in his letter or even on his blog.

“My faith is in God’s ability to give me victory in life and healing from sickness every day,” said Daugherty, who is well-known for his Word-Faith teaching. “Therefore, I am standing on God’s promises of wholeness in every cell.”

I mean this was guy when preaching about thanksgiving and praise for God gets punched in his grill during an altar call. Did he get ticked? No, he bailed this tool out of jail.

Why him? I don’t know but I will tell you his testimony out of this will be a ministry for millions.

Bless you, Pastor Daugherty. The bricks on the Wall got your back in prayer. Peace.

  1. Odette says:

    Though I’ve known of Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty’s passing for almost 2 years, I had been watching some of his programs on television without knowing he had graduated to heaven and was highly blessed by his ministry. It was later in one of the “360” programs that I was updated to his passing & though it was a while back, it was just right this evening in 2012 that I searched the internet for the information. His wife has blessed my heart as well as his children, even though perhaps we might never meet; I’m just a mom & grandmother who loves Jesus from Florida. Though I shed tears for a pastor I never met in person & for his family whom I’ve never hugged, I pray for his family’s well being. I see God has certainly strengthened them & peace, the type that passes all understanding, does indeed fill their hearts & minds as they continue to minister to the lost. As I recall the testimony regarding the house fire & how he went looking for his children, I can understand how their love is ever growing until they reunite in heaven someday. Because of Jesus, we will have a future reunion in heaven & will have an eternity of getting to know each other. Blessings to the Daughertys! Sincerely, a sister in Christ.

  2. Reuben Eziekiel James says:

    Billy Joe you were a man of extra ordinary character. I am positive you were greeted with the words ‘Well done my good and faithful servant. Much love to your family and we were so blessed here for the time you spent with us .

  3. Dusti says:

    I recently lost my husband of 45 years to stroke-related causes (physically speaking). I am sorely grieved though not beyond hope. Please let me share a short story of what happened to my husband several years before his passing. He had gotten off the freeway one night and as he headed back across the freeway, he saw a door in the road, just ahead of his truck. He told me he had am overwhelming sense that he could go through that door but chose not to at that time. He had a history of heart trouble but he experienced several healings/miracles along the way. On one such occassion was the day they were drawing blood to put him on a transplant list, when he was given an uncommon option instead. Nearly ten years later, in January of this year, he had a stroke and slipped into a coma. Although his vital signs and stats remained stable, they had declared him brain-dead and and were pushing for life support to be taken off a.s.a.p. It was then I remembered the story of his experience on the road and an uncomon courage came over me… I say uncommon because everything in me wanted to plead, “Don’t go!!!” Prompted of God, I stood up in that courage and told my beloved husband that I had been thinking about his road experience and although we would love more than anything to have him remain with us, if he has seen anything like he saw on the road and would like to go, we would respect his wishes and to please not worry about us. It was very unatural for me to be able to say those words to him and it was only by the grace of God. He had some concerns about leaving his family pre-maturally so it was important to let him know we would be alright, and always honor his decision. It was shortly after that when his stats began to change and I knew in my spirit he had decided to leave, and with life support still in tact, he left. Our daughter had a difficult time with that concept; why would he want to leave us and his only grandbaby he adored??? My friend, an extremely faith-filled lady, told us kindly that if she ever saw a glips of Glory and had a choice, as many have, that she knows she would take it and for us to please not take it pesonally. I know it’s very difficult to believe that such a faith-filled man like Billy Joe could have decided to leave in the end, but that may very well be the case. One of the best books I’ve ever read on Healing is the one he wrote entitled, “You Can Be Healed!” The ultimate healing, and I know Billy Joe would concur with this, is to be with the Father, and like my husband, that may just be the healing Billy Joe chose. In Christ, Dusti

  4. My husband too was a minister and he passed away July 22, 2009 of this same destructive disease. I have always been a person of great faith, but my husbands death just blew me away. He was a strong healthy man that loved God and loved people. The Lord gave me Math 5:4 as I was coming to terms with his death. “Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted”. Griving is a natural process of life. The lord showed me that in this process that it is imperative to rely and lean on Him for His comfort. It is a promise, but just like all God’s promises, we must appropriate the grace to walk in the promise. I know Pastor Arthur is with the Lord, and I will see him again! The fact is that my life has changed forever, but with Christ in me, I can learn new ways to cope with the loss and move into the future that God has for me. The Lord declared that enviable happy are those who mourn if they allow the God of all comfort to come into the midst of their trouble and allow that grace, that ability of God to aise. It is in the yielding and the opening of our hearts to him that will cause others to be envious and almost watch in unbelief as you are able to carry on with joy in the midst of tragedy. God’s word never fails and I ‘m resting in that comfort that He has so freely given.

    • debra says:

      I just learned of rev. Billy Joes death,I was shocked to say the least. I lived in Tulsa and attended his Church at the Mabee Center. I loved his ministry and him. He was a wonderful man, and a wonderful Minister. I heart and prayers go out to the family and church. He is now in Heaven with Rev Roberts, no doubt Preaching to the Saints in heaven.
      Love and Prayers to all.

  5. KW says:

    word of faith is not false. maybe he just decided to go on to heaven. we want to put everything off on God’s mysterious ways and so on. when a faith person passes on, people want to cry false doctrine and so on, but it DOES NOT CHANGE THE BIBLE. I peter 2:24 and matt 8:17 still stand. I know I am saved, but sadly there are folks in hell, and people in the world still not saved. Does that mean romans 10:9-10 no longer works? Do I cry i may not be saved because people are going to hell everday? No of course not, and we should not cast the Word of God aside because christians pass on. What billy joe taught is the absolute truth, and nothing will change the Word. Let’s continue to believe the Word of God over circumstances. And by the way, God is not controlling everthing. The authority has been given to us, the church. Lets don’t forget that.

  6. Carl Smith says:

    Points to Ponder:

    To paraphrase CS Lewis; God answers all prayer(s)-yes, no, wait.

    Isaiah 57:1-2 (AV) “The righteous perish, and no man layeth it to heart; and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come. He shall enter into peace; they shall rest in their beds, each one walking in his uprightness.”

    Romans 14:7-8 (AV) “For none of us liveth to himself, and no man dieth to himself. For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore or die, we are the Lord’s.”

    II Cor 4:16 (Amplified) “Therefore we do not become discouraged-utterly spiritless, exhausted, and wearied out through fear. Though our outer man is (progressively) decaying and wasting away, yet our inner self is being (progressively) renewed day after day.” “In Adam’s fall we sinned all”-The New England Primer, pg. 11.

    I Cor 15:22 (AV) : For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive”.

    ‘Lord forgive us of those sins of presumption that so easily escape from our minds through our mouths and offend our brothers and sisters. Help us to remember that from dust we came and to dust we shall return; to number our days and when that hour, day, week, month, year arrives and we depart this earthly life, that we die the death of the righteous, that our last end be as his.’

  7. ISurrenderAll says:

    Why did he have to die of cancer? He himself even said that no disease will ever touch his body. I can’t believe that he would die of a disease. I would expect him to die peacefully in his sleep but not to suffer and die of cancer.

  8. Winday says:

    I was sorry to hear about the passing of Pastor Daughtery. At the same time this is a glorious occasion for him. He is in heaven, having a grand time. As for all that question faith and healing…the Word is still true. Any person who probably has a glimpse of heaven would rather be there. I believe this is the case for him. I am sure he heard “Well done, good and faithful servant.” “Enter into the joy of the Lord.” Either way, he was victorious. Being a child of God, you can’t lose.

    Continuous blessings on the Daughtery family. May the ministry explode to even greater heights.

  9. To the family of this amazing man, we express our heartfelt sorrow. However we know that he must be having a wondeful time with the Lord right now.
    We watched the tribute to him on Daystar and what an inspiration to all he was and will continue to be.
    If nothing else is ever heard about him,the pure love and devotion that shone through his family as they paid tribute to him, shows that he lived what he preached.
    If every family had a father like he was,we would not have the problems with drug addiction and alcohol abuse and all of the mess that young people have in their lives.
    Praise God for you Billy Joe Daugherty. Well done.

  10. Gwenetta Hill says:

    To Billy Joe Daughtery’s family, may the Lord continue to strengthen and be encouraged. When I think of Billy Joe Daughtery, I think of Jesus’s heart of compassion for all of humanity, his love will live on from now until eternity, I love you and be strengthened.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Our love and prayers for Billy Joe’s family at this time. Peace to his wife and children. Billy Joe, a sincere Christian man who is an example to all of us who are living in God’s grace and mercy because of John 3:16.

  12. ISurrenderAll says:

    Does the Word of Faith work, the message he taught about calling those things that be not as though they were – why did it not work for Billy Joe. Does that make sense? Is this now a blow to our Word of Faith movement. Is our doctrine that we have been taught or brainwashed with for the last thirty years wrong? Is it according to God’s will our Our Will.

    • hmwallace says:

      We just don’t know. Jesus was clear when he said ask and believe. We are all human and even teachers/pastors of the Word have their moments of doubt or fear. They are not an exception. Also, he could have let go. We just cannot not know his heart or the hearts of those around him. Don’t judge doctrine solely on the circumstances of others. Ask God, seek him.

      • Winday says:

        Well said. Either way, he was victorious. People act like he lost. No, Pastor Daughtery got the ultimate victory; to be with Christ and the all the other saints in heaven. That is the goal;the prize. He attained it.

    • Ross L. Gillum says:

      When I think of this, I just remember that we are all appointed a time to die, and then the judgment. Christ’s Word is perfect, timeless, and He is the Word of Truth. It is just a beautiful promise we all look forward to, and Billy Joe gets to be in line just a little ahead of the rest of us. May God send Healing Angels to guide his family through this sad journey.

    • Clark Hay says:

      The short answer is that the Word of Faith “name it and claim it” teaching IS in error. It was an idea that was borrowed from “new-age” teachings and “christianized” by earlier teachers and passed on as gospel truth. Just “Google” it to learn more.

      I wish I had time to fully debunk it and provide the correct answer, but I realize that this is NOT the place for that, and that few would read it or consider it or agree.

      See the hints I left below, and do not throw out faith in Christ with the pieces of bad theology that got mixed in.

      I will not be commenting or reading any further comments made here. … Moving on.



      • patricia hayward says:

        total cop out. It’s that important to man to understand why Billy Joe Daugherty died from cancer. You don’t know or you would share it.

    • Hernan says:

      There is no wisdom on this argument, Our part as believers is JUST BELIEVE what the word of God say. God has the final desition. Concerning Pastor Bylly Joe, He finished HIS RACE, But what about us. And How I know He finished, Hear his Vision, is done! Now It is time to rase it to another level. And also God´s Word say: Faithful is he who call who also will fulfill his plan.
      There is no lost on this But Victory in Jesus!
      Probably we will understand in Heaven with Jesus.

      Sorry about my english and God Bless You

  13. Darlene Carroll says:

    Pastor Billy Joe was a man!Who never meet a stranger? He always had time for people.Where he knew them or not knew them. I will always remember talking with him at Walgreen on 71 st. Lewis one day. He just started to laugh. He said, “You know”! I have written a book about my experience. He knew the purpose of his calling. I am so bless to have had the pleasure of meeting him personally that day. He will truly be miss.
    He has embrace the eternal victory in the presence of God.

  14. Dear Writing on the Wall,

    I passed by your site as I searched for info on Pastor Daughtery. I don’t know your background (your theology) but I do know that you handled this tragic news very honorably and with mercy and greac, I commend you for that. The world was made richer because of Pastor Daughtery. My ministry and countless others like me have been impacted by this man and his teachings, he will be missed. Again thank you for your comments and because of them I will be back to hear your voice again.

    • hiscrivener says:

      Pastor Martin,

      I appreciate the love and the words. As I said, I met him once and that was all I needed to understand the matter of the man.

      Peace & blessings,

  15. Clark Hay says:

    Dear HM,

    You have expressed some confusion, and I am sure you are not alone. I had not intended to write anything at all on this today, but it is slow at work and I did not want to leave you without something to consider. I do not wish to contradict anyone’ teachings or beliefs, yet I have learned much since my early days at ORU – especially after my wife lost her 13 month battle with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma some 12 years ago.

    We live in a fallen world – physical sickness and death is a part of it.
    God has known us before the world was made. God has counted all of our days and nothing catches Him by surprise.
    Our heavenly Father guides and directs the paths of His people.
    No one can snatch us out of his hand or thwart His plans for us.

    God requires faith, and desires complete trust and commitment, but few of us have complete and total faith at every moment of our lives.
    Nevertheless, even when we are without faith, He is still faithful to His covenant with us (2Tim 2:13)
    Have people in the Bible ever had doubts or fears or hidden sins and God still blessed them? Yes: David (read the Psalms), the 3 Hebrew “children” Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3:17-18), the man with the demon possessed mute child (Mk 9:24), Paul (1 Cor 1:8) … and there are many others.

    The Bible is one of the most honest books around. So I wonder why we have difficulties being honest with one another?
    If I am not open and honest about my current plights and conditions and needs, then who can:
    • pray with me or for me?
    • council or comfort or correct me?
    • If I am not honest – am I not being dishonest?
    • Are we not to bear one another’s burdens?
    • How can we bear one another’s burdens if we shut each other out?

    It is not faith in faith that saves us – rather it is faith in God and He saves us.
    It is not the amount of faith that saves us – it is the reliability and efficacy of where and in whom we place our faith that saves us.

    Analogy of faith:
    If one confident child has complete faith that 2 inch thick ice will support his weight on a pond – he will most likely die crossing the pond.
    If a timid fearful child has a tiny amount of faith that 3 feet thick ice will support his weight then he will live – even if his progress across the ice is slow.
    The first child was confident – but his faith was misplaced – end result was disaster.
    The second child was fearful but yet what little faith he had was well placed and the end result was success.

    If we have committed our lives to serving Christ as our Lord then we need not fear that our honesty or doubts or fears or any other weakness will thwart His plans for us.
    We need not be afraid to be open and honest with one another.
    Trust and obey.
    As Joyce Myers has so often said: faith is not the absence of fear or doubt – it is often obedience in the face of our fears and doubts.

    As for healing, it is God who decides who and when and how to heal people. Even Jesus said that he did not do anything or say anything except he saw the Father doing or heard the Father saying it. Even the very Spirit of God does nothing apart from the Father’s will. (this makes a good bible study – start with John’s gospel)

    Jesus earthly ministry was filled with miracles that gave powerful testimony to what he said and confirmed who he claimed to be. Most miracles were done for people who were not yet fully convinced, but yet deep in need. Some were done for people who had no idea who Jesus was – that is, they had no personal faith in Christ at all.

    Jesus empowered his disciples to do miracles on two occasions as his direct and duly authorized and empowered representatives. It does not say that their healing abilities continued in the same manner after their missionary journeys – at least not until Christ baptized them with the Holy Spirit after the resurrection and ascension. And even thereafter, the Apostles were subject to the same constraints that Christ had upon him – not my will, but Thine be done. In other words, the Spirit filled Apostles had to be led by and moved by God’s Holy Spirit to heal.

    We are in the same boat today. Healings do happen, but not at our exclusive request, or at our whim, or based on our desires. Healings happen when we believing God can heal, and we obey his word to pray for one another, and then trust Him to do what He wants and knows is best, in the manner that He chooses, and when (or if) He chooses. There are times when we are moved by the compassion of God, when we are truly directed by God to pray for someone, or anointed by God to pray for others. And when God is in it – he will do what he promised.

    Sadly, we are not as in tune with the Spirit, or as close to the Father as Christ was. It is a goal and a desire, but we do not always live a life compelled by the Spirit. So, knowing this, we are simply commanded to pray and trust God. The Father will do the rest.

    Billy Joe, like my late wife, finished his race with strength, grace, and dignity – leaving behind a legacy that endures. I am sometimes jealous that they crossed their finish line before me – but the is in the Lord’s hands. Mybe I need to run a little harder.

    As saddened as I am over Billy Joe’s passing, I know that God has his reasons and purposes. He is worthy of our trust – even if we His children do not always understand.



    • John says:

      I just watched the broadcast of Billy Joe and found out about his promotion. He was consumed with the purpose of God in and on his life. My prayer is that we will have the same testimony as he; “he touch the world in the way God creatd him”. I am confident that he touched the world in the way that the Father desired. I can now only imagine the people that will say; “pastor Billy Joe would say or do that and so I a going to follow his faith (Heb 6 & Phil 4). No ministry of this size and effectiveness is left without people to carry out the vision started by God Himself. Look at the ministry of our Lord and Savior Jeus Christ!! He always find a person to lead and carry on. Let’s continue to pray for the family of Billy Joe and the ministry he and his wife pioneered together. God bless you


    • Troy says:

      THANKS For SPEAKING TRUTH !!!! We All Need To Trust God/Jesus Daily For Our HEALING And If We Are Not HEALED Today We Will In Heaven And Maybe GOD/JESUS Wants Us To Be A EXAMPLE To People That Has The Same Illness !!!

      It’s A Shame When Faith Healers Use You For Their Own WEALTH With $$$ They Steal From You From The Offerings And Say You Must Have Sin In Your LIFE But That Is A LIE And They Use Your $$$ For New Cars,House Boats,Airplanes,Trips Around The World,Clothes,Paying For A NEW Church And Having The Pastor Have 98% Of The Shares Like A Pastor In Canada ( Alberta ) And Yes Clark we Are PROUD Of you For SPEAKING Truth And Maybe The Pastor Billy-Joe Didn’t Have Enough Faith,Or Sin In His Life That’s Why He Wasn’t HEALED But I Know One Thing He Was A Example To Others That Faced The Same Illness And We All Need to Have GOD/JESUS Have Us Reach Out To Others If They Have Cancer,Heart Problems Etc So They Will Be HEALED Totally In HEAVEN And Being Example And Feel How They Feel When People Suffer On Earth !!

      I Wish All The Health/Wealth ” Prosperity “,Word Of ” Strife ” Churches Can LEARN This And Accept All CHURCHES Too And See People And Say We Are Here For You Without Guilt Trips Etc And Say I’m Here For You And We Will Be EXAMPLES To People And YES We Will Be HEALED In Heaven for Having Patience And Most Of EXAMPLES To People On Earth !!!!

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  17. waynette says:

    Do not question the Lord.Have faith.

  18. […] Watchers who have been praying for Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, and have commented on the previous post that broke the news about his battle with lymphoma cancer, it is with a sad heart but a hopeful spirit that I post […]

  19. Clark Hay says:

    Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty Dies Sunday Morning Nov 22 2009

    Victory Christian Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty lost his battle with cancer Sunday morning. Church pastors announced at early morning services that Daugherty died.

    Please continue to lift up all of Billy Joe’s and Sharon’s families, close friends, the church members, and the many people who grieve his loss.

    Thank You.


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  21. Clark says:

    If anyone is still following the postings here, please be advised that Billy Joe has been in critical condition this last 24 hours (Nov 20- Nov 21). Urgent prayers are requested. His very low immune system has been breached by an infection – his family is with him bedside.



  22. EARLENE JONES says:


  23. Clark Hay says:

    As an old classmate of Billy Joe, I was (and continue to be) amazed at what he accomplished following graduation. He made wise choices early on and rode the crest of every opportunity – although some opportunities seemed like obstacles at the time. … My heart goes out to Billy Joe, his family , and to all those who know and love him.

    I know from experience that there are many variations of lymphoma – some more dire than others. From the recent prayer request it SEEMS that the lymphoma MAY well be in the last stage of progression – stage 4. Not knowing which variety has attacked Billy Joe makes it hard to pray specifically for him, but I trust in a God who knows every detail.

    Like so many others, I too have been praying for his healing – knowing that God is fully capable of delivering him from this insidious disease.

    Having said this, I also know of many cases where God has not chosen to heal good Christians.

    When such deaths occur, believers SHOULD entrust the issue to a faithful loving God whose reasoning and timing and ways are very often too shrouded in mystery and complexity to be understood. Anyway, that is what believers SHOULD do. That is what genuine trust and faith requires. Unfortunately, this is not what many believers do.

    I want to urge all those who know and love Billy Joe, NOT to place their faith in their limited theological understanding of what God will and will not do. Rather, I encourage people to trust in Him who hears our prayers, who loves Billy Joe more than we love him, and who will do what is needed and what is best. That, my friends, is faith in God.

    If the Lord should decide to call Billy home, and this is entirely in God’s hands, believers should not:
    • think that there was any “hidden” sin in anyone’s life that hindered healing
    • assume that God’s purpose for Billy was somehow thwarted
    • jump to the conclusion that God was unwilling or incapable of healing Billy Joe
    • blame anyone for having made “a negative” confession or had moment of doubt
    • add insult to injury by telling anyone what Billy Joe “should” have done or tried

    God is in control here. God honors the smallest amount of faith and trust – even if it be the size of a grain of mustard seed. It is WHERE and IN WHOM we place our faith that matters most – not the size of it. To say otherwise makes faith into works – which is disingenuous folly at best.

    And so, with all of that said, I wish you well Billy Joe. I pray that you finish your race with strength of character, peace, and hope – whether that be in the near future or many years hence. I pray for your complete healing with utter faith in our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. And lastly, I pray for those who love you and are loved by you, that they might be encouraged and sustained, and find peace and strength and wisdom in the days to come.

    Blessing on you all

    Your old classmate,


    • hiscrivener says:

      Inspirational. Motivational. And so thoughtful. Brother, thank you for taking the time to write that post. Bless you and please let us know if you hear anything else on Pastor. Peace.

      • hmwallace says:

        I agree, it was. However, I don’t fully understand because Jesus NEVER turned anybody away for healing. In fact, those that weren’t healed (when he couldn’t do many miracles at his hometown) were blamed for unbelief. I don’t recall Jesus ever telling people that it would be best for them to go to heaven nor that it was their time. When we talk about healing and then use the word “but” in the same sentence, aren’t we allowing unbelief to slip in unaware? Are we not laying down partial responsibility for our faith and our part?

        Clark mentioned that we should never reveal moments of doubt as a reason for not being healed yet Jesus did just that many times. Are we as church sitting in stagnant water and not stepping into the rivers of life that Jesus revealed? I’m very conflicted. I read one thing and scripture and yet see something very different in our church.

      • Clark Hay says:

        hmwallace – Maybe someday I can help sort out some of your confusion. … Just not today.

    • patricia hayward says:

      thank you Clark, now that was good. I do ask how did my pastor, Billy Jo Daugherty (1982-1986) die of cancer? That seems impossible. I had a spiritual experience with him once when he pointed to me and said “you rebuke that cancer in the name of Jesus”. I did and God did and the man was made well. So I ask how did he die of cancer. It certainly doesn’t make sense. I was looking at comments from someone who might have known him. I found out about it just this year,2012, and was surprised to shocked. Thanks again for your comment.

  24. FIlice Prince says:

    I just want you to be encouraged and know that God still works miracles today Billy Joe, I know because he did it for my mother who is 92 years old and had squamous cell carcinoma in her throat which was a cancerous growth in her sinus cavity. The doctors had already stated that they could only give her eight to ten treatments because of her age but they were not sure that it would work without surgery and chemotheraphy. After her last treatment and they checked her to see if the growth was still there it had completely gone. They were truly astonished and all they could say is short of this being a miracle they did not know what to call it, and then they stated that in their profession they can’t call this a miracle. We knew that God had healed her and that our prayers had been answered. Billy Joe I know that God is going to do the same for you because His Word is sure if you wait upon Him and not fear, just trust Him.

  25. Hernan Calix says:

    Unos dias antes el Señor puso en nuestros corazones al Pastor Billy Joe, su familia e Iglesia. Esto confirma que Dios esta en control de la vida del Pastor. Recuerden HAY VICTORIA EN JESUS!
    Por lo tanto no teman sino tengan FE, porque al que cree todo le es posible!
    Cancer te ordeno que te quites del cuerpo de Billy Joe Daugherty. Sal fuera de su cuerpo en EL NOMBRE DE JESUS! Billy Joe no morira, si no que vivira por muchos años mas en la tierra y contara las maravillas del Señor. Amen!
    Hernan Calix (Honduras, C. A.)

  26. mike adebisi says:

    I pray God’s healing and strength be manifest in your body.

  27. Elsada Scott says:

    Billy you will not die but shall live to declare the glory of God. There is too much work to be done. Every cell in your body is healed your body has to line up with the word of God in JESUS NAME. We are standing with you and your family. Amen

  28. Bishop Charles Mugo says:

    The devil is a liar. You are healed by the Stripes of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  29. Larry Jacobs says:

    God will intervene for you, Billy Joe, and you will defeat the enemy. By His stripes you are healed and every cell, tissue, organ and systemof your body is decreed as perfectly healed in Jesus name.

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  31. Roy-Gene says:

    Every evil thing is of the Evil One, just as every good thing is of the Good and Almighty God.

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