Cross Eyed: Toddler gets his preach on!

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Follow up, Televised Theology and Toiletries, Testify
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In our days of church visitation, membership and revivals, I’m sure we have seen our fair share of traveling evangelists.

You know the type:

  1. Sweaty Weight Watchers Guy – This is the dude who sounds like he is snoring in his sleep while very much awake. I mean, if he inhaled any deeper the choir loft drapes would be down his gullet.
  2. Theological Big Wig Guy – He’s typically a pastor with alphabet soup after his name and delivers that perfect homiletical sermon that will either inspire you quietly or put you to sleep like Sominex.
  3. Famous Just Got Saved Guy – Usually an athlete that TBN traipses out on TV like a prized Lipizzaner stallion. All he has to discuss is his testimony (meh) but hey, he’s famous so it’s good for ratings and attendance.
  4. And there’s this guy… er, kid. For my entertainment and ecumenical value, I’ll take this toddler any day. He preaches with more fire than I have seen in quite a while. Enjoy.

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  1. boydmiller says:

    Good job but you forgot one,

    5. Inherited, third generation, big name, anointed guy.

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