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Call it minimal, worthless or just a win on principle, but this story cracks me up… and serves as a majestic “up yours” to the ACLU.

Thanks to FOX News, the Lindenhurst School District in New York will pay a student a paltry $1 in damages after he accused officials of prohibiting him from forming a Bible club.

That’s right, Jesus fans. One dollar!

Additionally, the God-hating school district also paid the unidentified student’s $2,500 legal fees.

However, the funniest part of this story is this:

The Central Islip, N.Y., district says that in March — a month after the suit was filed — Lindenhurst High School recognized the Bible club.

“Oh, you mean you were serious about that law suit,” said the ACLU card-carrying superintendent. “Well, ska-roooo that. Here’s your club admission pass. Please meet the rest of your toolbox friends in the janitor’s closet. We put in a couch. And uh, never mind that smell.”