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Abercromie & Kvetch

Abercromie & Kvetch

I’m not a big fashion buff. That’s not to say I can’t rock my “Metrosexual.” Child, please.

However, you know the stores with the blaring music that would an airplane engineer scream, “Would you turn that crap off?” Yeah, the same ones that smell like a house of ill repute walked through the place?

In other words, Abercrombie & Fitch. Yeah, it’s just that place. I loathe that store.

And now, apparently so will Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam thanks to this story in Yahoo! news.

Last week the EEOC filed suit against Abercrombie on behalf of Samantha Elauf, a 19-year-old community college student from Tulsa, Okla., who is Muslim. The suit alleges that Abercrombie “refused to hire Ms. Elauf because she wears a hijab, claiming that the wearing of the headgear was prohibited by its Look Policy,” or employee dress code.

The “look policy”. Nice. I hope they are looking when a throng of bow-tie brothers with attitude come banging on their door in the nearby mall because this is borderline comical.

According to Abercromie’s “Look Policy,” associates must wear clothing that is consistent with A&F brand or not wear the color black.

In other words, if you shop in the kids’ section, think underage booty calls are perfectly acceptable or attack your jeans with a rugged hacksaw, welcome to this place.

When contacted for a response, Abercrombie & Fitch issued the following statement: “We cannot comment on pending litigation. We have a strong equal-opportunity policy, and we accommodate religious beliefs and practices when possible. We are confident that the litigation of this matter will demonstrate that we have followed the law in every respect.”

I’m sure they did, but tell me dudes… like, how does a hijab mess with the righteous brand and sweet “look policy” anyway?

If the girl interviewed with a headscarf on, what in the world made you think she would go home, call her Imam and tell him, “My apologies, but this place rocks. So much for the covering. Peace.”

This is a company that sells not clothes and God-awful cologne, but sex. Plain and simple. And I suppose a religious head covering doesn’t really play with that pre-pubescent angst the store managers require.

Either way, this is more of “what goes around, comes around.” Welcome to the real world, Abercromie because Ms. Elauf will go “fitch” her winnings very soon. (Thanks, I’m here all week long).