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Imagine you are warming a pew, the band was on this particular Sunday and you are expecting a nice message from the “Mand of Gawd.”

And then it happens – a moment to make you forget you were in a church and back in the club. No, not that saint in the choir you have been watching too closely. It was something the pastor said:

“We hate (the n-word),” joked [Rev. Jim] Lee while using the actual racial slur. “I would say I don’t eat them either.”

n-wordAccording to this story in the Detroit News, Rev. Jim Lee of Renaissance Unity church decided to rock one of the most offensive words ever more than 30 times in a recent message.

The topic of said sermonette? “Love thy neighbor.”

Yeah, because I want to love on my neighbor in the name of the Lord, I crush terms of endearment from the Civil War era.

Why not, for sake of an illustrated message you dimwit, call your elders the “house Ns” and the lay persons “field Ns.”

“It was design…I knew it would get a reaction,” Lee told the Detroit News.

Well, he’s getting alright and most of those visceral rants have been from fellow brothers.

“He’s using the wrong format. The pulpit is the wrong format to use hate words and that is a hate word,” said Jim Netter, a western Wayne County resident who is African-American. “I’m disappointed.”

To wit, I completely agree.

Use the pulpit to make a point, drive a topic and create an issue for discussion, but “brother”, this is Motown, the same place where the NAACP “buried” the very word you are promulgating like it’s a handout at a local charity.

I don’t know, maybe this just rubbed me wrong but what the hell is this guy thinking?

“Love thy neighbor”? And he delivers one of those words that creates memories from centuries past of doing exactly the opposite.

I don’t have a whimsical ending for this story, but suffice to say, I have another “N-word” for this guy. And I can use it in a message title as well.

“Just say NO.”