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Keep on rollin'

Keep on rollin'

A little more than a year ago, I was in a dark and dreary place.

Unemployed. Beat down. And alone… at least it felt that way. I had this cushy office. Huge window overseeing downtown and all the world was my stage.

Then, the floor opened and swallowed me whole. The industry I cherished stuck a rusty hacksaw blade square between my shoulder blades.

That, while my former boss left her swanky and pretentious designer shoe in my behind as I was leaving the office.

Sure, “cutbacks” was the answer, but when you have a family months later looking for food, toys and a brave “man of the house,” I can’t really sell them with “Well, I really didn’t do anything wrong.”

Online searches, headhunters and going to network meetings with all my church and media friends wasn’t paying off. I needed something… fast.

Then it happened – My Fair Lady decides to tell me, “You write for churches. You work in the media. Make a blog. Please?” Yeah, so I wasn’t the model Jesus-loving guy five months into my forced sabbatical and her plea of desperation got me strolling toward

And “The Writing on the Wall” was born. Today, 200,000 hits later, I still write amazed and humbled in God’s grace.

From Madagascar to Mexico, the U.S. to the U.K., Australia to Azerbaijan and all sundry points in between, thank you.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon his name; Make known his deeds among the peoples! (1 Chronicles 16:8 NIV)

Consider this post making it known and me giving thanks to the other bricks in the Wall, the ACME Arena, WOW News and the 1000s of e-mails and comments. They all keep me going and focused on what’s real about the Bible and Jesus.

You saved me from going bananas and quite possibly losing hope, faith and love. No joke. The cagey comments. The personal e-mails. The links. The love. All of it has been a source of inspiration and shelter of peace amidst a very tumultuous storm.

Seriously, thank you very much indeed and please keep taggin’.