Harvard paper denies the Holocaust. And I thought they were smart?

Posted: September 23, 2009 in Above the Fold, IJS, On Your Wall, PC is not for ME, Spin Doctor
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Times are tough these days, namely for newspapers. Advertising dollars are at an all-time low so many papers are trying to think “out-of-the-box” to capture revenue.

You know, going online… and offering editorials for advertising… and marketing in particular business spaces… oh, and denying the Holocaust, as in the case of the Harvard Crimson school newspaper.

Harvard is known for its rigorous scholarly standards and prestigious reputation… however, The Harvard Crimson, in what it said was an error, ran the Holocaust-questioning advertisement, which had been rejected by the paper over the summer.

An error? Ya’ think? Yeah, because giving a middle finger to the Jewish donor base in New England is always a good idea for the benefaction trust, right?

Courtesy: HarvardSucks.org (and Amen to that!)

Courtesy: HarvardSucks.org (and Amen to that!)

This is the most egregious decision at the very least and surreptitious bigotry at the most. And probably a little of both.

The ad, paid for by Holocaust denier Bradley R. Smith and his Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, primarily raises questions about then-Gen. Dwight Eisenhower’s account of World War II and the existence of Nazi gas chambers.

So, what of the Jewish community at Harvard? Meh. Or should I say ‘Bupkes.’

Harvard Hillel’s student president, Rebecca Gillette, circulated a letter saying she thought the situation was being appropriately addressed. “The fact that organizations and individuals like that publicized in this advertisement still exist today is frightening and disturbing, but unfortunately it seems that Holocaust denial will persist for years to come,” she said.

Ooooo-kay? Well, this should be good, because if I represented the Jewish community at this school and read that mess, I would be screaming from my synagogue and begging to kick someone square in the tuches. This “address” should be good. Take it away, Crimson president dude:

In response to the commotion created by the ad, Crimson President Maxwell L. Child released a statement Wednesday citing three weeks of summer vacation between the submission of the advertisement and the publication of the paper as the explanation for why the ad “fell through the cracks.”

That’s it?! Is it just me or does that explanation to the students… and the alums… just a skosh short? I think the only “crack” this guy should be worried about is the one he was sitting on when this advertisement was approved.

With that kind of complacency, it’s amazing prejudice and bigotry hasn’t been flourishing more in this country. What’s next?

The KKK takes out a front-page article in this esteemed publication looking for the “next generation of overweight, bull-headed segregationists.”

Maybe the Black Panthers can do a cover shoot, and with fists clutching AR-15s like back-in-the-day can exclaim, “Beat the crap out of Yale… by any means necessary!”

Whatever the case for bawdiness and indecorum, I’m sure the mighty Crimson will continue publishing the standards of excellence and applying additional schmutz to those ubiquitous cracks.

Who knows, maybe one of those will be in the president’s blessed assurance.

Oy vey!

  1. Joe Chavez says:

    You know, this is just further evidence that we are only one or two generations away from completely forgetting what happened in Europe in the 1940’s. If we allow this kind of nonsense to just be casually “oops”-ed away, how will we be able to carry the memory of an entire generation that got wiped away?

    I mean, it’s taken us less than 8 years for the wack-jobs to come out and say that 9/11 was caused by our own government. It’s ridiculous.

  2. indyretreats says:

    unbelieveable! and that was the best excuse they could come up with???
    truly unbelieveable!

    Never Again!

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