Yes, the Wall got some more siding

Posted: September 20, 2009 in Inside 411, The Obvious Files
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Amen on the WallWarmest greetings, Wall Watchers.

You’ll note we did some redecorating around here. While my last borrowed theme may have slightly been more Feng Shui, this allows yours truly to stop complaining about the furniture in this piece.

Why? I missed my wall (note the header)!

And until I am able to afford a customized stucco Wall like several other Bricks in this hallowed place, I’m subject to whatever WordPress permits us disenfranchised folk to have.

I’m grateful (in case Big Brother is watching)… just eagerly waiting for that check to hit my mailbox so I can give it to some dude who can re-skin this thing with graffiti-approved ACME clay.

So, thanks for understanding (and prayer I get a benefactor). This is it – for a while.


  1. Joe Chavez says:

    Very nice! Very nice, indeed. I want to update my theme to either Thesis or Grant Griffith’s Headway. But I don’t have $87 extra dollars right now, so the free one stays. Besides, I like banner with the “this little light o’ mine” image.

  2. Wow!

    Great job love the art thing. 🙂

  3. Remember, brother – I’m cheap…err…frugal too, so I’ll keep using WP’s free themes until the Lord allows. I just use one of the free themes and created my own “banner”. I think we should take up a collection to look as cool as GCMWatch does…

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