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If you have to advertise it, will they still come?

If you have to advertise it, will they still come?

For any Wall Watcher that has ever dealt with the lowest common denomination… er, denominator and accepting someone as a result of “God giving them a second chance,” I give you the ultimate test of faith:

Meet Mark Hourigan of Louisville, Ky.

There was protest Thursday over a Louisville sex offender who will be ordained as a minister on Sunday. Mark Hourigan admits he sodomized a child, went to prison for it, and now wants to become a pastor. And members FOX 41 News spoke with say they’re okay with that.

Peter was an angry dude. Noah was a drunk. David had someone killed just so he could step that man’s wife. Paul killed Christians… for kicks. And I completely sucked growing up and didn’t meet the Lord until later in life.

Yet, somehow, God worked in all of our lives (and yes, I did just lump myself with those greats. Hey, if I don’t, who will, right?)

That said, would you go to this guy’s church? It’s not like his testimony is drugs or porn. It’s child abuse and sodomy, not quite the tandem you want to hear from a pastor during testimony time.

Imagine the folk at the church who say they accept their newly ordained pastor. It’s all good. He’s preaching the word and people are being edified. Then the announcements come, “Church, it’s time for Youth Camp!”

Since, this is a small church, guess who is camp counselor? Good ol’ Pastor. You still happy-go-lucky about your newest leader? GULP!

Oh yeah, and then there’s this… mind you, life after prison.

Hourigan says he was married but got divorced right before going to prison. Members of his small, pentecostal church say Hourigan has children and now also a gay partner.

That’s it. I’m out. I got nothing. Anyone? Bueller?