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Courtesy: NASA

Courtesy: NASA

Like clockwork, here’s another “God Sighting” but with a NASA-esque twist.

Apparently, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter was trolling around the planet’s ruddy surface and wouldn’t you know it? No, not Arnold Schwarzenegger filming “Total Recall 2.” It’s not E.T. looking for a cell phone.

It was Jesus, so reports the UK’s Telegraph.

The view shows gullies near the edge of the Hale crater on southern Mars… If looked at from the right angle – and with disbelief suspended – this photo released by Nasa can appear to show the face and robed body of Christ.


What’s next? The eye of Jupiter is Jehovah playing a cute game of “peek-a-boo”? The rings of Saturn are actually there for the archangels to crush some frisbee golf? And never mind what’s on Uranus. Yeech.

But, in the spirit of keeping true to some video evangelism (as in a “Cross Eyed” segment), we have what would happen if this Jesus sighting on Mars became fodder for the nutjobs in Hollywood.

Mel, take it away…