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The adage goes, “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself.”

Well, my hat is off to Pastor Jimmy Evans of Trinity Fellowship in Amarillo, Texas who decided too many folk in his megachurch were shacking up, so he decided to do more than just have a sermon series about marriage (which he did anyway).

According to the story by the Christian Post, at the culmination of his series, “Sex, Love and Communication,” Evans decides to wrangle up all those vagabonds and marry them off – at once. 32 couples in fact. WOW!

“Our goal was pretty simple – we wanted to help couples,” Matt Spears, executive pastor of Ministry Development at Trinity, told The Christian Post. “We believe in marriage – one man and one woman – living in covenant with one another. So many people are living together and having kids together, for whatever reason they are running away from marriage. Many couples are not getting married for fear of failure; others are not getting married simply because they do not have the means to do so.”

Because that's all it is - a habit

Because that's all it is - a habit

Weddings can be ridiculous with cost, I agree but I have never understood why some couples just don’t tie that knot. They already have one hanging around their neck but just living together that long because you cannot fake a covenant. If it’s “no longer having your own life,” sharing bills, an apartment and cooties somehow takes care of all that.

Many folk who shack are simply lazy, by and large. You know, why marry when you have it all anyway? It’s just a license. I like my life the way it is. And buffoonery like that.

Not so much, you big goofy Lotharios you. Sure, marriage is a lot of work, but being single can suck too. I would rather have someone to enjoy life and help me along than do it all alone. Right?

Evans, who is pretty big in marriage with his national ministry, exudes that premise throughout his entire church, which is why this was such a biggie.

As Evans, the senior elder, emphasized to the church, marriage is sacred. It’s not just a piece of paper. And when you’re married “God’s way, it gets better and better, not worse and worse,” he said during the marriage series. The world is hungry to see a healthy and stable – not perfect – marriage, Evans indicated.

No joke. Shacking up isn’t the “dry run” to the real thing. It’s delaying the inevitable. There’s another old saying that makes sense here too:

Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?

Who is Elsie in your relationship? Whoever it is, one of you need to take a trip back to the pasture. That, or take a trip up to Amarillo. Who knows, maybe Evans will have another of his two-fer sales again. Good on ya’, Pastor.