Stereotypes. They sure suck.

These weighty, sinful and misleading generalization have been the bane of this nation’s existence for centuries. Why? Because no matter the group of people in the cross hairs, there will always be a small – and extremely vocal and visible – minority that ruins it for everyone.

Take crime-impoverished cities (AKA “the ghetto”) for example. These dilapidated areas are chock full of pioneering civic leaders who care about the people in the community and the places in it. However, there’s that criminal element who thinks the city is their personal storefront for target practice and anarchy.

As seen in Pastor Joshua's bookstore, perhaps.

As seen in Pastor Joshua's bookstore, perhaps.

Thanks to those heinous dunderheads (most of them, under the age of 21), the ghetto remains the ghetto and people with any sort of sense avoid them at all costs.

Here’s another one: Meet the “Rev.” Joshua Sims of Double Rock Baptist Church. In, uh… Compton, California. (Sigh).

A Baptist minister was arrested this morning on charges of stealing more than $800,000 from the church he leads in Compton, officials said. The Rev. E. Joshua Sims, pastor of Double Rock Baptist Church in Compton, was taken into custody this morning at his home in Corona, said Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The arrest concludes a months-long investigation by sheriff’s deputies, Whitmore said.

This travesty would be different if this sell-out was arrested on a whim because of a misinformed phone call. Alas, this was a “months-long” investigation… well, eight years actually. EIGHT YEARS!

A church in Compton no less is home to a pastor who suddenly encounters a trunk full of bling, which just happens to belong to a friggin’ Bentley. Did I mention this was in Compton?!

And Josh here didn’t think that would flare up on his tail like a vicious case of herpes? Classy, brother.

In a city of drugs, death and disenfranchisement more common that jobs, money and hope, you would think a church would strive to be the city on a hill and offer some well, hope to its people, he chooses the more saintly approach of his hands-on ministry by putting his hands in their back pockets looking for his latest fix.

What’s next? Find a street named after a progenitor of the Civil Rights movement, get in a stolen car and start shooting up the place? Oh wait, that happens all the time in American every city on Martin Luther King Blvd. daily.

Well, thanks Josh for giving stereotype lovers and bigots everywhere something to relish. What took you eight years managed to bash Christians, minorities and the upstanding ‘Boyz N The Hood‘ in troika-filled fatal swoop.

  1. Prepare for the sequel - coming soon - compton up! says:

    Holla! Pastor Holmes (the OG Founder) ended up dying over this shit -oops, excuse me. The antics, arrogance, non-apologectic, non-repenting stubborness, blatent defiance, disregard and psychiatric deficits of E. Joshua Sims took Dr. Joseph L. Holmes, 77 yrs old, to his grave the day after this past Thanksgiving. Dr. Holmes, our founder, died of a “Broken Heart”. Saint, please contact me immediately so U can get in on God waving His Mighty Hand because in the next 60 days God is gonna move & restore His Church!

  2. dickkopf says:

    There you go again . . . puttin’ your mouth on the mand o’gawd!

  3. Some very interesting points raised here, which has got me thinking!

  4. theoldadam says:

    Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

    My dad would always say that after a news account of someone who had robbed and tortured and killed 17 people (or whatever).

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