Earl Paulk’s former church gets poached for $17 million

Posted: August 26, 2009 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, On Your Wall, Televised Theology and Toiletries
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Earl Paulk will go down in ecumenical infamy as a preacher with more soil under his collar than the dude who does my landscaping.

During the hullabaloo of his legal issues before his timelyer, unexpected death, Paulk sold the Cathedral at Chapel Hill for what surmised to legal fees and a two-piece dinner at Long John Silvers.

Well, the Holy Spirit was asked to leave a while ago

Well, the Holy Spirit was asked to leave a while ago

And now, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the former haven of hedonism has been sold to the Greater Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church for $17.6 million.

This was one of the largest religious facilities available in the United States,” Matt Messier, broker and principal for CNL, said in a release. “We are happy to have brokered a successful outcome for a property of this size, especially in today’s challenging economic climate.”

No kidding. It was 51 acres, 6,000 seats and fully equipped with a large fellowship hall, offices, classrooms and, oh yeah, a movie theater. Because there’s always the need to screen the latest flick by TBN for date night.

Rumor is, Paulk had many of those.

Anywhoo, on August 30, the church led by Pastor E. Dewey Smith will change Paulk’s former home into “The Hope Cathedral.”

Congratulations, Pastor. It’s truly a benchmark in the 132 years of your church.

May the anointing of God break every yoke that was upon that place when you take foot in the pulpit for the first time… and bathe that thing in Crisco oil. Just sayin’.

  1. mainliner says:

    Hey hiscrivener, Thanks for your blog. You have performed a great service. My concern is the effect the merger of CHHC/Cathedral will have with the Church in the Now. Many fled CHHC to find a kindlier shore at CINT. However, the wolf pack has been let into the fold to continue preaching their dubious doctrines. I thought true shepherds guard the gates and defend the sheep. The “Bishop” of CINT swung the door open and invited them in to continue ministering. At least that is what it appears. Correct me if I am wrong. I am sure they will have a hallelujah hoedown, slap one another on the back, and proclaim all healed and reconciled. I can hardly wait to see the spin. The dynamic duo of cousins will bring in the glory of God, so boasts Don Paulk. Such is the spiritual discernment of that bunch.

  2. mainliner says:

    I wish the people of Greater Traveler’s Rest Baptist well in their new facility. The place has been a symbol of shame and spiritual corruption. Perhaps GTR can redeem the place and make it a sancuary of healing and hope as it should be. Unfortunately, the former leadership of the Cathedral have been granted a prolonged life in ministry as they were ‘rescued’ by their extended family and offered a place to continue peddling their message of inclusivism. Well, Saul saved Agag against God’s wishes and it cost him his throne, his sanity and his life . We shall see what this new development will bring. GTR, please consider a thorough exorcism of the facility as you take up residency there.

    • hiscrivener says:

      Hey Pastor Smith, I hope for the good of your peeps, you are reading this. An exorcism appears to be the trend these days to rid your church of the filth, muck and the mire brought on by the wild and wacky goings-on of your former tenants. You have a nation rooting for you, but everyone thinks that sanctuary needs a bath. Can’t wait to see your place in the news… for good reasons. Blessings to you.

  3. Azalea says:

    What the Greater Traveler’s Rest people need is a good exorcist before setting foot in that cathedral. It is sad that they gave all that money to the Paulks, who will just go elsewhere, morph into something else, and continue their evil. For the time being the Paulks are combining their church with Earl’s nephew, Jimearl Swilley’s church, Church in the Now in Conyers, Georgia. According to statements, both Jimearl and Donnie Earl Paulk preach “inclusionism” and therefore will be able to tag-team preach at CITN. Unfortunately, many people at CITN are there because they fled the Cathedral after the truth about the Paulks came out, and now those people who were trying to get away from the Paulks are back in the bath with them, thanks to Jimearl Swilley. They just didn’t run far enough.

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