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Omarosa and TV GuideThere’s always a time in a pseudo-famous person’s life when the watch stops ticking and his or her 15 minutes are officially up.

Such is life for one Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, D-list celeb-waste-of-space and hopeful “Apprentice” of Donald Trump’s.

When the aforementioned watch ceases to tick, these dolts have their own “Come to Jesus” meeting.

For Omarosa, it seems to be a little more literal as she has gone from the board room to the class room, as in United Theological Seminary.

This is a woman who relishes in the green spotlight, but the moment she walked out her front door and realized no one cared she was home, she finds Jesus.

Convenience or conversion?

We’ll soon see as she walks into the ivory halls of seminary, will she be convicted enough to remove the “naughty” portion of her Web site and that tawdry picture of her draped in a diabolical teddy. Or perhaps, she will think twice about listing her occupation on MySpace as “bad @$$”.

Yeah, that’s classy Omarosa. And if she screws this gig up, I would hate to be fired by her new boss. Oy!