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NEWS FLASH: The economy still blows.

And because of that, churches are getting hammered as the plate gets passed from person-to-person-to-person picking up nothing but lent and a few green stamps.

Understanding the trend, and probably being victimized by it, Immanuel Church in Austin, Texas has decided to do some inventive church marketing that could impact the growth of their congregation – Theology on Tap.

What the…

Austinites are drinking up the concept. The Catholic Diocese has a monthly meeting and speaker series that rotates venues. The University Lutheran Church has a weekly gathering at Opal Divine’s Penn Field. Mosaic has a Theology Pub every Tuesday at the Draught House.

“Drinking up the concept.” Look at the Austin American-Statesman getting nice with the 12-step program humor. (Yeah, I’m jealous I didn’t think of it… shhh!)

Jesus BeerAnd the fact the “Catholic Diocese” is involved isn’t surprising. Shoot, they probably hosted a kegger for a baptism… er, christening. Which reminds me, you know the difference between a Catholic and a Baptist?

The Catholic will wave at you in the liquor store.

Anywhoo, the story goes on to offer the target audience of this ministry: 20s and 30s. And in other news, oxygen helps you breathe.

Take this quote on for starters:

Ben Philpott, 37, who has attended the church with his wife and two children for the past two years, had rushed to get to the bar, telling a colleague, “I don’t want to be late for drinking with Jesus.”

Nice. Where ya’ headed, Ben? The Last Supper? You big dolt. And with your kids? Well, father does know best.

And what’s next? “Shooting up with the Savior”? What about, “Doing meth with the Messiah”? Pathetic.

I suppose it’s convenient that Immanuel means “God with us.” Because when you are tweaking on greenies, he’s with you a lot and seeing multiple Jesus-es.