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Fresh on the heels of stories run-a-muck regarding one Creflo”he who lives up to his surname” Dollar getting sued for a text message enterprise gone the way of Bernie Madoff other professional kleptomaniacs, we have a strategic PR campaign… er, a moment of mea culpa.

According to this story from Charisma magazine, Creflo Dollar has been donating buckets of “change” to non-profit organizations across the nation.

Since February, Creflo Dollar has taken his Change Experience tour to five cities, giving away $10,000 in each location to a ministry making a difference in its community. During a tour event Friday in Denver, the pastor of 30,000-member World Changers Church International gave an unexpected $10,000 donation to The Gathering Place, the city’s only daytime drop-in center for poor and homeless women and children.

How else did the professional shot get taken? iPhone?

How else did the professional shot get taken? iPhone?

Never mind the fact these donations have taken place prior to a press release making its way to each city’s news outlets, I’m sure the mand of Gawd got this command FedEx from the Holy Ghost. (Wink. Wink.)

“In a time where so many people find the world caving in around them and have lost hope, that is when the body of Christ should be there with open arms,” said Dollar, who with his wife, Taffi, ministers to millions each week through their TV ministry and satellite church campuses. “We must be the change.”

Right you are, Taffi. It’s just too bad those open arms are jettisoned north only in the event of media coverage.

The Dollars are people of faith, right? They know the word, correct? Well, it’s not like I am a Seminarian or something, but perhaps it’s the Holy Ghost I am thinking of this note in canon:

“Be careful that you don’t do your charitable giving before men, to be seen by them, or else you have no reward from your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:1 NCV)

Thank God non-profit and faith-based organizations are being provided for in these terrible economic times. Even if the Lord uses Creflo’s dollars, that cash will put to great use.

All this story would have a wonderful slant to it if only the media wasn’t given the heads-up before your tent crusade pitches a media story before the tent it came in.


prosperity-gospelWhy can’t a preacher be profitable without become a profiteer? Why is money-grubbing such a player in the whole “prosperity message.”

I understand that if a man can’t live a message, he shouldn’t preach it.

Nonetheless, if that was always the case, the entire body of Christ would throw up their hands and quit testifying and evangelizing because no one is worthy of living out salvation.

No one can back it up daily, and if they say they can, they are selling you something (you know, like this cat) but I would at least like to see some fruit instead of withered, old prunes dangling in front of TV cameras.

And what’s the charity going to say, “No, please, don’t tempt me with cash that can feed thousands of people we are trying to reach. We know you’re not the most righteous tool in the drawer.”

No, they are going to cash that big, floppy check quicker than Creflo can say, “rapture” and do what God has called them to do… despite the tool doing what he says he is called to do.